What to Wear Dirt Biking: Top 7 Outfits

Do you have plans to go dirt biking? If you do, you need to know what type of gear is required. If you pick out some random outfit without consulting a professional outfitter for the exercise, you won’t have a comfortable ride. This article has been constructed to guide you on what to wear dirt biking.

You will also get to learn more about other tools that can be added for the optimal dirt biking experience.

You need to know that your safety is a priority when you’re dirt biking. It wouldn’t be nice if you get wounded because you neglected your proper choice of biking gear.

This article will take you through a detailed list of the biking gear that you would need for a safe experience.

What to Wear When Dirt Biking

For your personal safety and comfort, it’s paramount that you know what to wear dirt biking. The items on our list are readily available at various stores around you.

Keep reading to know what these dirt biking equipment and accessories are.

1. Jersey

Your breathable jersey is part of what to wear dirt biking.

Apart from wearing jerseys for the sake of aesthetics and brand representation, breathable jerseys are designed to provide you with some amount of ventilation and sweat absorption. Breathable jerseys are guaranteed to make your biking experience more memorable.

They also serve as protection from some certain treacherous features along the biking trail. Stay comfortable and protected in your favorite breathable jersey.

2. Pants

Just like the breathable jerseys, you would also need to purchase some dirt bike pants for your personal comfort.

There’s a huge difference between biking in ordinary shorts and biking in a pair of proper dirt bike pants. These materials are designed with fabric that delivers comfort and wicks moisture as you engage in dirt biking.

As you ride your bike along the dirt trail, your legs are in a constant up-down motion. This motion, along with your legs constantly rubbing against your bike, creates some friction that could damage your pants.

Dirt bike pants are equipped with leather padding around the inner-knee regions. These leather implementations will help to reduce the effect of friction and increase the durability of the pants.

There’s one thing that you should take note of when you want to buy a pair of dirt bike pants. These biking bottoms are usually shorter when compared to other pants.

This is done so that the endings of the pants don’t get into your boots and constitute discomfort. Get a pair of dirt bike pants before going for a dirt biking exercise.

3. Helmet

When you’re engaged in a dirt biking exercise, you must have your helmet with lights on. It would be quite dangerous to go dirt biking without a helmet.

Go to a nearby store and pick out a biking helmet that fits well on your head.

You should know that dirt bike trails feature a lot of treacherous bumps and holes that could cause accidents: especially for amateurs. A good helmet will minimize damages to the head in case of an accident.

4. Goggles

Depending on what you like, there’s a range of dirt bike goggles for you to pick from. You need the goggles to complement your helmet and other protective gear that you have on.

The goggles play a major role in shielding your eyes from elements that could have damaging effects on your vision.

It’s normal for harmful materials like debris, mud, rocks, and more to fly about while dirt biking. This is why you need to have a pair of protective goggles on.

5. Boots

Just like any other biking gear on this list, the boots you wear are also very crucial to your comfort and overall efficiency.

Proper boots provide you with comfort, and they also keep you safe. It’s better to go directly to the equipment store than to make an online order for your boots.

This is because you get to try out various brands and sizes so as to know which exact boot is perfect for you. Make sure that the boot you choose has some free space for your foot’s comfort.

6. Pads

There’s a good probability of bruising and chaffing when it comes to dirt biking. Somewhere along the line, your exposed skin might brush hardly against some part of the bike and do some physical damage to your skin.

This is why you need both knee and elbow pads. These accessories will keep your skin (in the knee and elbow regions) from getting bruised.

It’s advised that you don’t overlook elbow or knee pads when selecting the gear for your dirt biking exercise.

7. Gloves

Although the flexible gloves aren’t deemed to be necessary, it’s still a great accessory to deploy when dirt biking. The gloves aren’t just aesthetic pieces, but they are also useful for protective purposes.

When you’re out biking, there are a number of things that can reduce the grip on your cyclocross bike. These slippery elements can give you a tough time if you don’t deal with them.

A firm grip on your bike will make sure that you can easily push the bike in whatever direction you want. The right gloves will provide you with comfort and great control.


It’s important for you to know what to wear dirt biking before setting out on a related adventure. The knowledge of the right biking gear and accessories such as dirt biking backpacks will go a long way in keeping you safe and comfortable.

Remember that your safety always comes first in anything you do. Feel free to try on different brands and sizes so as to get the perfect fit for you.

From the helmet to the goggles, the jersey, the knee and elbow pads, and all the other things in this list, you would need to check them out before purchasing them so that you pick gear that’s perfectly suitable for you.

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