Shimano M324 vs A530 Pedals Compared in 2022

The Shimano M324 vs A530: which one is the best? It’s hard to make a judgment right off the bat without considering the full gamut of what each option has to offer, so we’re going to be fair and give each one a chance by stating the case of each.

After all, clipless pedals are one of the most important tools that every biker needs in order to enjoy a safe and fun ride. They certainly help to increase efficiency while improving overall performance.

Some of the most unique and cutting-edge clipless bike pedals come from the Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) system which is dedicated to helping bikers achieve efficiency with each pedal stroke by alleviating pressure on key muscles while strengthening others.

As such, SPDs are very popular among mountain bikers and commuters alike because they just make your life easier on the bike.

Shimano M324 vs A530 Pedals

In the following review, we’re going to try and provide you with a fair comparison between these two variations of the SPD system so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

1. SHIMANO PD-M324 Review

The Shimano M324 is a quality product that’s made from a combination of aluminum and imported steel. They’re also a mix of clipless and clip pedals so that you don’t have to choose between the specialized function of an SPD pedal and the everyday functionality of everyday use.

With the one option, you can spin the corners around which is ideal for short trips such as a quick bike ride to the local beach or to the deli. On the other hand, you have a system that makes it possible for you to enjoy longer rides with the help of a 10-miler.

The pedal itself is constructed from aluminum, with cleat retention and a barrel finish to boot. This means that you can use it for just about any kind of application and it’s suitable for cyclists of varying experience levels.

Each package of this SPD system comes with 2-bolt cleats, a 15 mm wrench, and pedals that weigh 1.17 pounds.

  • It’s made from lightweight pedals
  • Offers adjustable cleat retention
  • Comes with multi-purpose clip pedals
  • Constructed from durable imported stainless steel
  • This particular type of pedal requires you to wear proper biking shoes or sneakers in order to get the most out of it

2. Shimano PD-A530 Review

Next in our Shimano M324 vs A530 comparison, we’re going to look at the Shimano A530, a high-quality pedal that’s ideal for use in the daily commute.

What sets this pedal apart from its competitor is the fact that you don’t have to wear any type of special shoes in order to enjoy the level of comfort and performance enhancement that it offers.

It offers a level of ease that we haven’t experienced before thanks to its cutting-edge design, which includes a united power transfer system as well as regular toe clips.

Of course, none of this is a surprise considering that this is one of the best dual-platform pedals to come out of the SPD system. If this Shimano A530 review hasn’t made it clear yet, you’ll enjoy an efficient performance like never before, thanks to the comfortability and solid design of this pedal.

  • It will dispose of mud and debris effortlessly
  • Offers efficient control
  • Features an innovative design
  • Comes with enhanced SPD performance
  • It’s pricey

Shimano M324 vs. A530 Comparison

If there’s one thing you’ll have noticed in the Shimano M324 vs A530 head-to-head comparison above, both pedals have a lot going for them in terms of their ability to enhance your performance so you could go with either one and be fine.

However, for the purposes of helping you to figure out which option is specifically right for you, consider the following features to help nail your options down to one choice.


Both of these pedals are made by Shimano, a company that’s known for its excellence in manufacturing.

That’s why it comes as no surprise to learn that both of these pedals are made from durable and long-lasting materials.

The M324 in particular is constructed from a combination of aluminum and imported steel.


We’d be remiss in our Shimano M324 vs A530 competition to not mention the design differences between these pedals.

The Shimano A530 features an innovative design that’s easy to use. But because it doesn’t have toe clips, it’s less effective at cushioning you as the rider from the impact of bumps and kicks.

The Shimano M324, on the other hand, stands out due to its flexibility which means that you can just as well use it to enjoy a short and leisurely ride as you would a long adventure in the woods.

Basically, what we have here is a short-range pedal and a long-range SPD pedal. Those are the main differences between the M324 and the A530.


For the most part, the Shimano A530 is a long-distance pedal that’s made to handle the brunt of what the outdoors has to offer.

The Shimano M345 is much more versatile and can handle both general daily commuting as well as long-distance outdoor applications where you’d have to face rougher terrain.

Either way, both of them deliver when it comes to performance because they are made by one of the best bike manufacturers in the world after all.


From the Shimano M324 review you probably noticed that this model comes with a relatively affordable price tag when compared to its counterpart the A530.

That’s because the latter is a newer model that features certain advancements that are not available in the M324 bike pedal.

But, that doesn’t mean that the M324 isn’t a good deal because it is. It’s still made from high-quality materials and is considered a solid budget option for any serious biker.

Final Thoughts

And so, we’ve come to the end of our deep dive into the Shimano M324 vs A530 comparison. As you can see, both pedals have a lot to offer and the key to picking one over the other is to consider your needs and use the criteria highlighted above.

So, what’s the verdict? Which is better? For us, it’s the Shimano PD-M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal because it’s versatile, well-made, and reasonably priced.

Sure, you need to wear proper biking shoes to get the most out of it but why would you wear sandals while riding your bike anyway? Moreover, this pedal is made from imported stainless steel and comes with adjustable cleat retention, which is what makes it so versatile and easy to use.

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