RockShox Pike vs Lyrik Bike Suspension Fork in 2022

One of the best ways to ensure optimal control of your bike and enjoy it at different speeds is to make sure that it has a quality suspension fork. That’s why in today’s guide we’re going to do a RockShox Pike vs Lyrik bike suspension fork comparison.

You need a good suspension fork to avoid feeling the impact of bumps along the road and enjoy a smooth ride regardless of the condition of the trail.

A suspension fork makes for better speed, control, traction, and pliancy overall and these two brands offer the best suspension forks in the world for cyclists.

RockShox Lyrik vs Pike Suspension Fork

Below we have a short but helpful Pike vs Lyrik bike suspension fork comparison guide to help you determine the slight differences between the two and figure out which one would work best for you.

1. RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Boost Fork

First in our RockShox Lyrik vs Pike review, we set our sights on the RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Boost Fork.

This is a suspension fork with gusto, as it has Maxima Plush oil. This is to make sure that you enjoy smooth strokes, while its travel range goes from 150mm to 180mm. All in addition to optional offsets that range from 42mm to 51mm.

In terms of looks, this suspension fork sports an aluminum stanchion construction coated in jet black. This substance at the upper part of this boost fork is resistant to rust and corrosion, while the lower end features durable magnesium. The crown sports a forged 7050 aluminum construction.

Note that this fork is compatible with 29-inch wheel bikes and has a built-in damper that makes it easier to handle the bike at fast speeds.

  • It makes it easier to ride smooth thanks to high-speed compression
  • Comes with built-in long-lasting grease in the air chamber
  • Offers better traction
  • Made from corrosion and rust-resistant black coated aluminum stanchion
  • It’s internally refined to help reduce friction and noise
  • It’s pricey

2. RockShox Pike Ultimate Review

First up, we have a RockShox Lyrik review and there are no surprises here. This is a quality suspension fork. Its geometry is consistent and provides maximum feedback for your convenience.

It has a wide travel range that goes from 120mm to 160mm with no issues, and it can handle wheels that measure up to 29 inches. It’s coated with black aluminum and features a magnesium lower part while the crown is tapered in wall aluminum with fresh graphics to round off the whole look.

Internally, this suspension fork has undergone a complete overhaul to enable you as the cyclist to enjoy optimal trail control.

Included in this fork are 35mmm stanchions for accurate tracking and an axle that’s fitted with a 15mm bolt.

  • Reliable design and features
  • Comes with durable air chamber grease
  • Sports a sleek look
  • Offers better traction and recovery thanks to the optimal oil flow path
  • The seals stay slippery thanks to Maxima oil bath
  • Thanks to the enhanced damper it’s not as harsh
  • It requires appropriate tweaking

What to Choose Between Pike vs Lyrik Bike Suspension Fork?

As we’ve already established when comparing the RockShox Pike vs Lyrik, it’s clear that both forks offer great value for money.

However, there are notable differences between them as you’ll soon see below.


These forks don’t look anything like each other. The Lyrik fork has a polished black finish and the manufacturer offers a red-black combo option as well.

The Pike fork offers a glossy black finish as well as a sleek silver finish.


When doing our little test ride, we discovered that the Lyrik offers the widest travel range of between 120mm to 180mm. While the Pike limits you to a maximum 160mm range.

When it comes to offset, the Pike allows you to offset in 27.5 inches while covering a range of up to 51mm. The Lyrik offsets in 29 inches and has a range that goes from up to 46mm.


Both of these forks come with durable aluminum which is made to last.

But, somehow the Lyrik weighs more at 2.1kgs while the Pike only weighs 1.8kgs. We don’t know how that happened but it’s clear that one fork is lighter than the other.


And that brings us to the end of our Pike vs Lyrik bike suspension fork comparison guide. Now, if we were to choose between the two, we would definitely pick the RockShox Pike Ultimate Boost Fork.

In our opinion, this is the best bike suspension fork for serious cyclists. This is because it’s geometrically designed to offer maximum feedback, it has a decent travel range and it features durable materials and coated with a substance that makes it resistant to rusting and corrosion while looking cool.

This is the ideal suspension fork for anyone that enjoys going off the beaten path. It provides a smooth ride no matter where your adventure takes you.

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