Review Process

We’re very much interested in the lifestyle of the modern biker. We express our passion by spending resources and time to test and research the latest and best biking equipment and products, so we can bring our readers a selection of products that’ll make their lives easier.

The biking industry is constantly evolving to adapt to changing lifestyle and technology trends. Our goal is to bring you unbiased reviews on the latest and most essential biking products.

We also access product reviews from our readers on products that have made a lasting impression. We have our ear to the ground and are always eager to hear from our readers and receive any review requests that they might have for particular products.

While it may be a challenge to evaluate each and every product on the market, we try our best to offer valuable content based on thorough research and vigorous testing. We want to establish our website as the go-to platform for biking enthusiasts and anyone looking for reliable and quality outdoor equipment. In the end, we want our readers to only acquire products that’ll enhance their experience and performance.

Do We Actually Buy All the Products We Review?

While we’re absolutely passionate about biking and outdoor living, there’s no way we could feasibly review and test each and every product. If we did so, we’d end up with an entire warehouse of products and not enough space to store them in. But, we strive to thoroughly evaluate the vast majority of the products we review and recommend. When we’re unable to acquire a product or a variant thereof for whatever reason, we consult with people who own the products and have used them extensively.

It’s not uncommon for us to interview verified buyers of certain products just so we can get their honest opinion straight from the horse’s mouth. These are all like-minded people who share the same passion for biking that we and our readers have.

One of the most important criteria that we use when evaluating products is that of cost vs performance. Whenever we refer to a product as the best we’re basically saying that it offers a perfect balance between price and performance. Products that meet this criterion are usually labeled “Top Pick” and “Editor’s Choice”.

Most of these products offer great value for money even though they may not be the most expensive option on the list. When we label a product as the “best’ we’re basically saying that it offers a healthy variety of features that you’d find in most other expensive alternatives but at a fraction of the price.

Do We Earn Any Commission?

We’d rather turn down a commission than recommend a product that we’re not passionate about, and our primary goal is to provide value to our readers first. We strive to bring you the most accessible options on the market because, in the end, we don’t get paid when someone buys and returns a product.

So, our main objective is to make sure that our readers will be happy with the products that we recommend because they actually live up to the hype.