Is Biking Good for Your Abs? How to Exercise

Maybe you’ve been wondering if biking is actually good for your abs. In this post we will give you the insight you need to answer this question. There are also detailed explanations of how cycling can affect abs development.

As we answer your question, we will also give you information on how your health gets improved when you take up biking as an exercise. You’d be surprised at how many health benefits you can get from cycling.

Because of the working principle of cycling, where your legs constantly move up and down to pedal, your leg muscles are consequently developed. People that are diligent with cycling as a form of exercise, have stronger legs. Biking also helps with abs.

As a dedicated biker that uses energy gels for cycling you can expect to see great changes in the development of your abs.

Does Biking Help with Abs?

So, does biking work abs? You need to know how you can apply biking to abs development so keep reading to find out.

Contract Your Abs

The first method that can be applied to develop your abs while cycling is sustained contraction. This basically means that you consciously tighten your abdominal muscles for a particular time frame so you can increase calorie cycling while holding them in for the whole duration.

After the short holding period has lapsed, you will free the tightened muscles and periodically repeat the exercise later on.

Do Some Bike Crunches

Does riding a bike help with abs? Bike crunches, which involve tightening the abs with one elbow inwardly-directed, is also a great exercise for abs development.

Stand Up While Cycling

Another applicable technique for abs development is standing up on your bike if you’re wondering does cycling help abs.

When you get up to a certain height above the saddle, there’s more work applied to your abdominal muscles. It would also help if you put bike panniers at the back to increase weight. This would ensure that your abs get developed nicely.

Repeat Lift Off

This is a combination of sustained contraction and the stand-up technique. You need to sustain abdominal contraction while standing up above the saddle and consecutively returning to sit in the saddle. Carry out this exercise over a particular time frame.

You might be wondering if you have to add these abs-development regimens to your daily cycling routine in order to lose weight while biking. The answer is no, you don’t.

Feel free to do as many times as you can during your weekly cycling abs routine. It all depends on how dedicated you are to building your abs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is biking or running better for abs?

Does bike riding help abs? This is mainly a choice that’s based on preference. If you want an exercise that’s of lower intensity, you should go cycling.

Is riding a bike good for your core?

Yes, riding a bike is good for your core. There are a lot of developmental effects that come from riding a bike and your core isn’t exempted from these developments.

Can I get abs from riding a bike?

Is cycling good for abs? Can riding a bike give you abs? Actually, you can’t rely on just cycling routines to build your abs from scratch. You need to turn to other exercises that are specific for abdominal muscle development if you want to get nice abs. However, this doesn’t write off cycling as an exercise that’s relevant to abs development.

Does riding a bike flatten your stomach?

If you go cycling at a low cadence, you get more aerobic activity off the exercise. This will go a long way to help flatten your stomach.


So, is riding a bike good exercise for abs and does bicycling work your abs? At this point, we hope we answered your question is biking good for abs.

You can adopt any one of the abs development exercises that were listed earlier in the article. You can also combine them based on your preference and make sure you get a Garmin GPS to keep track of everything.

What really matters is your determination to build your abdominal muscles nicely. You also don’t have to do these exercises every day, just make sure you do them a couple of times each week.

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