How to Wash Cycling Gloves in 5 Steps

Why do you wash cycling gloves? The answer is simple. Just like other pieces of clothing, cycling gloves also get dirty after an aerobic cycling session and need to be washed.

That’s why you need to learn how to properly wash your cycling gloves.

How to Wash Your Cycling Gloves

It’s important to take these steps so as not to ruin your gloves when you wash them.

1. Find the Gloves Tag

Just like most products that you purchase, there are “how-to” instructions given by the product manufacturers. These instructions tell you what kind of detergent to use for washing the gloves.

They tell you how long to wash for and other things to keep the gloves in the best condition for as long as possible.

2. Use Cold Water

Just in case you don’t have any instructions to follow as per how to wash cycling gloves, you should just ensure that you make use of cold water to wash the gloves.

Also, use a mild detergent. As you mildly wash on the machine, watch out for colors that can rub into each other.

3. Close All Velcro Straps

Just like any other loose straps or long laces, Velcro straps on your mountain bike gloves tend to tangle with other clothes in the washing machine. To prevent this, ensure you close all straps.

4. Hang the Gloves to Dry

Don’t dry your gloves in the dryer; instead, dry them outside on a line. Leather type gloves may crack if left in the machine dryer.

5. You Can Also Wash with Your Hands

You don’t always have to use the machine when you want to wash your gloves. Take out some time to wash them with your hand.

It will let the gloves last even longer. Use cold water and mild detergent when washing with your hands. Spread on an outside line to dry.

How to Wash Winter Cycling Gloves

More specifically, you should also know how to wash winter cycling gloves. Keep reading for tips on this topic. Winter gloves are made of different materials and we will address each material separately.

Leather and Faux Leather Gloves

Leather gloves require microfiber material for their polishing. Before polishing, wash with oil-based soap. The bubble from this soap is the main agent that helps to clean the exterior of the leather gloves.

When you want to clean/treat the insides of the gloves, rub some alcohol or use hydrogen peroxide. Also, use baking soda to remove bad smells on the inside of the glove. You can use cornstarch for oil spots.

Wool Gloves

Wool gloves are great for cycling in the cold winter weather. They don’t smell and they are also airy to a good extent. The gloves are usually not heavy.

The hand-washing method involves washing the gloves in warm water. Soak the gloves inside a bubbled up mix of mild detergent and warm water for about five minutes. When that time is up, move the gloves out of the warm soapy water into a clean bowl of warm water and rinse.

In the rinsing process, try to avoid squeezing the gloves. Just try allowing some of the water drain off the gloves before laying them on a flat surface to dry.

The machine-washing method could be easier. Before using a washing machine to wash your gloves, first ensure that it’s suggested by the manufacturer. Using short spin, warm water, and mild detergent, you can wash your gloves in the washing machine.

Keep the gloves in a bag before placing in the washing machine. When you bring the gloves out of the washing machine, rinse with warm water. Make sure you don’t squeeze the gloves to get rid of water. Just wrap in a towel to absorb the water.

Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves are great for when you ride BMX freestyle bikes or commuter bikes under 300 and don’t have so many instructions for washing them. They are super easy to wash. Wash them in the machine with some cold water. You should note that cotton gloves shrink when spread out in the sun, so avoid that.

You can use a brush and spot remover to deal with stains on the glove. If you want to keep the glove’s original color when cleaning effectively, use oxygen bleach.

Suede Gloves

You are advised to let a dry cleaner handle the cleaning of your suede gloves. You could use white vinegar to deal with stains and degreaser leather cleaner to remove oil stains. Suede protecting spray is also used in the cleaning process.

When drying your suede gloves, place them on flat surfaces to dry at room temperature. Don’t let them stretch out in your effort to dry them.

With all this said on how to wash winter cycling gloves, you should be able to take great care of your own pair.

Waterproof Gloves

Make use of warm water and mild detergent to wash these gloves. Before you throw them in the washing machine alongside the warm water and mild detergent, make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructions. The glove’s inner lining is the first thing that gets dirty.

To clean oil and remove bad smells on the insides of the gloves, use cornstarch and baking soda. Hydrogen peroxide is for the outside of the gloves.


It’s clearly important to wash your cycling gloves if you don’t want to suffer from diseases associated with bacteria. You need to watch out for your personal health and that of those around you. Dedicate time to get your biking gloves and other related biking gear such as cycling shoes.

Remember to always read instructions given by the manufacturers on how to wash cycling gloves. This will enable you to wash the gloves correctly and avoid damaging the product. It will ensure that the gloves last you for a long time and you enjoy using them.

Also, take note of the different types of winter cycling gloves we have based on their material. Make sure you wash each of them according to their own specific washing guidelines. If you can do all this, I believe you will be just fine with your cycling gloves.

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