How to Prevent Sore Bum from Cycling in 7 Ways

I remember when my friends and I used to go out riding bikes as kids. It was always fun going out on the street and racing each other to a finish line.

However, there was one thing that used to kill our fun after some constant days of biking. That was a sore bum. Whenever we had sore bums, it would sometimes discourage us from going out on our Schwinn beach cruiser bikes to have fun. I especially hated sore bums, ugh! They were so annoying.

Anyone can suffer from a sore bum. It doesn’t matter if you just started biking or you’ve been biking for a long time.

I want to tell you that there are a couple of things that you can do to avoid this problem. Keep reading to gain knowledge on how to prevent sore bum from cycling.

How to Prevent Butt Soreness While Cycling

Biking is a fun activity that lots of people enjoy. But it’s also a serious activity for some people.

For those who are professional cyclists or highly dedicated to exercising on a bike, problems like sore bums cannot be taken lightly. Nothing should get in the way of their regular biking because they can’t always afford to take frequent breaks.

Here are some things you should know about how to prevent sore bum from cycling.

1. Get a Comfortable Saddle

Getting the right saddle on your bike will go a long way in preventing a sore bum. Feel free to try out different saddles to see which one is most comfortable for your bum.

There’s no specific saddle size that prevents sore bums. We all have different butt sizes. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the larger the saddle gets, or the more padded it is, the more comfortable it will be.

Maybe you’re wondering – “Would they let me try out as many saddles as I want at the bike shop?” Yes, any proper shop will give you the opportunity to try out the different saddles they have till you find what you like.

2. Perform a Bike Fit

If you just bought a new bike, take it to the shop for a bike fitting. If you already got one and you never bothered fitting it, you should also go see a qualified individual to carry out a bike fitting for you.

When getting a professional bike fit, the saddle height and handlebar height would be positioned at heights that fit you perfectly so you can easily boost your cycling speed.

3. Wear Cycling Shorts 

Trust me when I tell you that the quality of your bike shorts affects how much you get sore bums. If you don’t have proper bike shorts you should go get a pair as soon as you can. You should also note that the better the quality of the product, the more you will enjoy it.

Don’t go wasting money on cheap stuff that won’t solve your problem. It’s better to spend money on top-notch bike shorts that give you the expected results. Just like you try out different saddles that fit you, also find the right shorts that fit you.

I recommend that you ask for “bib” shorts at the store. Bib shorts are generally comfier. Putting on underwear alongside your biking shorts isn’t such a great combo. It’s enough to wear bike shorts alone when cycling. Extra underwear only facilitates sore bums.

4. Stand Up as You Ride

Constant pressure on your butt area is one of the factors that contribute to sore bums and even chafed skin. To make things better for you as you go out cycling, try to take off some of this pressure by standing up on your bike as you ride.

I’m not saying that you stand up all through the ride. No. You just need to stand up at intervals. Doing this will really help you.

5. Wash Your Bike Shorts

It’s important that you pay attention to your personal hygiene in order to stay safe from cycling hemorrhoids and prevent sore bum from cycling. As you wash yourself after each ride, make sure you get your bike shorts washed too.

Bacteria thrive more in dirty environments. Make sure that you don’t allow this to happen. Stay clean always.

6. Start Slow

If you’re a beginner cyclist, you would most likely make a lot of mistakes when you just start – especially those who don’t bother to get some tutorials or professional advice before starting out.

Remember that pressure is a catalyst for sore bums, especially if you’re biking while pregnant. A lot of newbies easily fall victim to sore bums because they sit heavily on the saddle.

Focus more on directing your weight through your pedals. For anyone that skipped beginner tutorials, you should go back and get some tutoring and advice from qualified pros.

7. Apply Chamois Cream

Have you heard of Chamois cream? If yes, that’s good. If no, then you should go get yourself some. Chamois cream works great in preventing chafed skin and sore bums.

Apply some before you go out biking and also apply some on any sore areas when you come back from biking. I guarantee that you will see a great difference.  

Common Anatomical Issues

Bad saddle positions can cause serious gender-specific problems for bikers whether they have a women’s or men’s bike. You need to take the proper positioning of your saddle seriously. 

These problems are: 


The anatomical issues associated with the male gender in cycling are erectile dysfunction and infection of the urethra. Erectile dysfunction in cycling is usually associated with the compression of the dorsal penile nerve.

As a result of this, there is usually a numb feeling in the penile area. Erectile dysfunction is a serious condition that should be paid much attention when cycling.

On the other hand, urethra infections are attributed to constant pressure. When an individual starts feeling the symptoms – bloody urine, or pains when taking a pee, such a person should immediately seek professional help.

These issues are dangerous if not quickly attended to and MTB tire pressure can play a crucial role in this so make sure you check it regularly.


In females, urethral infection and inflammation of the labial tissue are the prominent anatomical issues.

When a woman starts feeling pains while urinating, or she sees blood in her pee, it’s a sign of possible urethral infection. Both swelling/inflammation of the labial tissue and urethral infection can lead to life-threatening situations if left unattended.

There are cut-out designs made into saddles for both male and female bikers. You can get yourself one of these. They take the pressure off the penile and labial points.


With all these tips on how to prevent sore bum from cycling, you should be good to go. You can now ride confidently without having to worry about a sore bum. Enjoy your ride!

Shailen Vandeyar

A proud Indian origin Kiwi who loves to plant trees and play with my pet bunny when not out doing about every kind of biking and experiencing the occasional tumble. Ready to share the ride with you.

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