How to Get into Dirt Biking: A Beginner’s Guide

Maybe you’ve seen some documentaries on dirt biking or you have friends that are into it, and now you would like to join in the fun. You might have been thinking about how to get into dirt biking since you don’t have any experience or a single clue about its requirements.

First, you should know that just like any other sport, you cannot be excellent right from the start. It’s not as simple as riding a step-through bike so you would need to rise gradually from the beginner level before you reach the peak of your potential.

For those who are just beginning the sport, you would need to gain a certain amount of starting knowledge. Without this learning process, you cannot have a smooth time. You would need to seek some professional help or assistance from friends that are into the sport.

5 Steps to Getting into Dirt Biking

We will guide you on how to get into dirt biking by providing you with detailed steps and processes to make your experience easy, productive, and memorable. We also recommend you get a Thule bike rack to get your dirt bike with you whenever you go.

Here are the steps you should follow:           

1. Learn How Dirt Bikes Work

Because of the nature of the trails, dirt bikes have to be constructed in a way that matches the associated terrains. Dirt bikes cannot have heavyweights.

Also, they must be fitted with strong, durable frames and rigid suspension. The overall structure of dirt bikes makes them perform excellently on rough and undulating trails.

Countries in various continents across the globe feature these bikes in various motorbike-based competitions. High-end accessories and body parts are fitted into dirt bikes to make them worthy of the terrains and competitions.

Some added knowledge of how these bikes function will take you far in your pursuit of the sport.

2. Get Some Safety Equipment

Due to the nature of dirt biking, you’re not allowed to joke with your safety. Carelessness and disregard of proper clothing and gear would only lead to your injury.

You need to purchase all the necessary gear to protect yourself and use the best bike grease for bearings, especially as a newbie, from the dangers associated with the sport. You also need to be careful with what you wear when dirt biking.

Take out some time to shop for quality biking gear such as biking sunglasses and make sure that they fit. Investing in complete protective clothing would minimize the risk of you getting seriously wounded. It would also help you enjoy the sport better and feel comfortable at the same time if you have all the right equipment on your motocross backpack or dirt biking backpacks.

3. Go to a Local Motocross Track

As you might have seen before, the space naturally adopted for executing motocross activities is mostly off-road – similar to downhill mountain biking so lots of noise can be generated when pumped-up enthusiasts are racing their bikes and showing off their skills.

This has led to several complaints from nearby residents; these complaints consequently led to the enforcement of some limiting rules. Save yourself from these rules by building your own track – if you can.

As a beginner, it’s best if you start practicing at a motocross track that has several experienced bikers. This way, you can learn a lot from them and quickly move up on the experience ladder.

4. Learn at a Motocross Riding School

Another key point on how to get into dirt biking is your choice of tutoring. What this means is that you need to find the right place to learn the sport. It’s okay to learn a few tips and tricks from a friend, but the best way to get good quickly is by enrolling in a motocross riding school.

It would cost you a considerable amount of money, but it’s worth the investment. There are seasoned tutors available to show you the ropes and assist you in rapidly becoming a pro.

There are other advantages associated with learning at a proper motocross school. Some of the added benefits are rubbin’ minds with pro bikers and learning from them, trying out your skills on various bike models, and lots more.

5. Practice a Lot

Just imagine signing up for a competition without gaining any knowledge about the sport; you will fail woefully. It’s important that you get in a lot of practice before you can consider taking part in any significant competition or racing event.

Familiarize yourself with the proper deployment of gears by making sure that you put them on while practicing. Wearing your protective gear while practicing will make sure that you don’t suffer any major injury.

Pay attention to the proper way of deploying riding techniques. You can’t do much as a dirt biker if you don’t know how to efficiently use the various techniques.

Don’t waste time before you begin practicing; make sure that you start as soon as possible so that you would have learned a lot before the main competitive events begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How dangerous is dirt biking?

The dangers associated with dirt biking are more intense on official tracks than on regular off-road terrain. Due to the stunts and daunting courses that are integrated into official tracks, there are usually more serious injuries. Dirt biking has dangers associated with various levels of experience and riding intensity. Just make sure you always wear protective gear to minimize any possible injuries.

Do you need a license to drive a dirt bike?

Just like several other vehicles and commuting machines, you’ll need to have a government-issued license or permit (at least) before you can legally ride a dirt bike. This requirement is integrated into laws in states across the country. If you’re 15 years and above that, you can ride a dirt bike.

How hard is it to learn to ride a dirt bike?

It’s advisable not to rush things when you’re just starting out as a dirt biker. You might be tempted to try a couple of tight techniques and skill moves that you saw on television – Do Not. If you don’t want to waste your time and hurt yourself, stick to learning the basics first. If you can do this, you will have a smooth learning experience.

Is a 250cc dirt bike good for a beginner?

250cc dirt bikes are good fits for bikers with average experience level and average body stature. Those who aren’t too confident in their personal profile and abilities can go for less powerful bikes.

Can you ride a dirt bike in a neighborhood?

Before you take your dirt bike out on the city streets, make sure that you have familiarized yourself with the laws in the area. There are some communities where you are permitted to ride within the neighborhood, and there are also those that don’t permit it.


Now that you know how to get into dirt biking, you shouldn’t have many problems learning as a beginner. Make sure that you take things slow when you’re just starting and stick to the basics.

Don’t try skills or stunts that are above your level if you don’t want to go home with injuries. Also, remember to purchase all the protective gear that you need. Wear the gear even when you’re practicing – this would minimize the risk of getting injured.

Generally, this is an activity that you can enjoy. Try to connect with experienced bikers who can show you a few tips and tricks to get better.

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