Garmin vs Wahoo Compared in 2022

Garmin is a pioneer in the field of anything that has to do with GPS technology, whether it’s bike computers or smartwatches. But, as you can see, we’re doing a head-to-head between Garmin vs Wahoo to find out if this popular brand still has what it takes to leave its competitors in the dust or if Wahoo has proven too much competition.

Garmin Edge 130 vs Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt

In our Garmin vs Wahoo bike computer comparison, we’re going to use the best model from each brand.

From Garmin’s corner, we have the Edge 130 and on Wahoo’s corner, we have the ever-popular Bolt. Read on to find out which one will come out on top.

1. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer Review

First, we have our Wahoo Bolt review where we’re taking a closer look at the Elemnt Bolt device. This aerodynamic GPS computer comes with useful features such as tactile smart buttons which are useful at navigating functions like Live Track, Climb, and Workout.

One of the first things you’ll notice when looking at this computer is that it’s bigger than the Edge 130 but it’s still relatively compact compared to other models on the market, and it’s easy to mount and carry on your bike. Other features worth noting include a three-button tactical system that’s designed to help you dismiss, select, stop, and start. Settings and power are controlled via the left button specifically.

When it comes to battery life, the Elemnt Bolt can last for up to 15 hours which is enough time for a quick trail ride. But, if you switch on certain features such as Strava Live Segments then its battery life will become drastically reduced.

Otherwise, we like how flexible this device is with regard to location finding and routing. It’s very effective as it comes with flexible and removable maps which are so detailed that you’ll have no problem finding your way.

  • It comes with a built-in mount and an Aero design
  • Offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ANT+
  • The battery is decent
  • You can easily set routes using the easy-to-use buttons
  • It’s compatible with iOS and Android systems and devices
  • You need to pair it with a smartphone in order to operate this computer
  • It doesn’t have a touchscreen functionality

2. Garmin Edge 130 Review

Next up we have the relatively compact and portable Garmin Edge 130 with its beautifully designed frame and the classic black and white aesthetic. It only weighs about 33g which is enough to house the seven control buttons that it has without compromising your ability to store it and carry it around.

You can expect to get about 10 to 12 hours of battery life out of this device with regular use while more efficient use can yield up to 15 hours of operation time. However, if you want to preserve battery life even further you can switch off unnecessary functions and sensors that are running in the background.

This device comes with such features as a 1.8-inch black and white screen with a clear display that’s highly legible thanks to the high-quality images that it produces. This device also offers you the ability to adjust settings according to your preferences and needs. For instance, you can change its brightness depending on the conditions.

Plus, Garmin didn’t just include these features for the sake of it, no. These are high-quality components that help you to determine the course, distance, speed, and position of your bike with optimal accuracy. So far, in comparing the Wahoo vs Garmin bike computer, it’s clear that the Edge 130 has the upper hand.

  • It comes with easy-to-use buttons
  • Features a relatively large 1.8-inch screen that is easy to read
  • Comes with GLONASS, GPS, and other useful systems
  • It has a compact design with a lot of features that you’ll actually find useful
  • This isn’t the best navigation device out there
  • It has a black and white screen instead of a color one


In our quest for the best option between the Garmin or Wahoo bike computer models, we found that both bike computers have a lot to offer.

However, there must only be one winner, right? In that spirit, we picked the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer as the ultimate bike computer because it’s just so versatile.

During testing, we were quite impressed by how easy it is to use and the fact that it has an aerodynamic design. It’s compatible with Android and iPhone devices and it has a solid battery that can last for a decent amount of time.

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