Garmin Tactix Charlie vs Fenix 5X Sapphire: What to Buy?

The following Garmin Tactix Charlie vs Fenix 5X comparison is meant to provide a wide-ranging view of what both of these watches offer, which are designed by what is arguably the best sports watch manufacturer in the world.

If you’re on the market for a new sports watch, whether you want to use it for outdoor adventure sports or regular activities, then you should definitely consider this Garmin Tactix Charlie vs Fenix 5X comparison guide.

Tactix Charlie vs Fenix 5X Plus

In preparing this Garmin Tactix Charlie vs Fenix 5X comparison, we made sure to put both of these models through their paces.

Trust us, we left no stone unturned here because we want to make sure that by the time you finish reading this, you’ll know exactly which option works for you.

Without further ado, we start with the Garmin Tactix watch.

1. Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire

Next in our Tactix Charlie vs Fenix 5X Plus, we take a look at the latter. The thing about this particular watch is that it’s designed for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to keep track of and optimize their performance over time.

It comes with features that allow you to monitor things like the number of calories burnt per session as well as your heart rate to make sure you’re not overexerting yourself but still challenging yourself appropriately.

The Fenix 5X also makes it easier to determine how you are improving based on all of the data that it has collected over time, which is a feature that is not commonly found in most smartwatches, and what better way to improve yourself than with the motivation of seeing where you’re coming from?

The great thing is that the Fenix 5X is that it displays this information in a systematic manner whereby it’s organized so that you can access it at any time. Not only that, but this watch looks pretty good with gym gear and we found that it stands out in all the right ways. It looks sleek, modern, and incredibly stylish.

Last but not least, we’d be remiss not to mention the fact that you can connect this phone to a mobile device such as a smartphone so that you can still get notifications about and respond to any messages and calls that you’re receiving while you’re on the go. There are different apps to choose from and it’s compatible with the major operating systems such as iOS and Android.

  • It’s designed for use in different types of terrains
  • Easy to set up and use
  • It’s powered by a solid battery
  • It’s lightweight and modernly designed
  • Available in several colors
  • Features a GPS
  • You need to change the battery after some time as it tends to decrease in performance

2. Garmin Tactix Charlie

One of the main components of a good smart fitness watch is the ability to allow you to view important data through the display screen without experiencing sunlight glare.

The Garmin Tactix Charlie watch really shines in this regard (mind the pun), as it makes it easy to view valuable data without the need to find some shade or cup your hand over the screen in order to see what the GPS is trying to tell you.

You can use this fitness watch for a wide variety of features, such as tracking your performance and workouts. However, any watch won’t do much for you if it’s unable to handle the elements and once again, the Tactix Charlie is constructed from durable black titanium which means that it can really take a lot of abuse and it will last for a long time to come.

Some of its most notable features include handy GPS systems that allow you to track your location, Garmin style, as well as preloaded tactical activities that make it easy to get started and feel inspired. This is in addition to the ability to track your heart rate so that you know how many calories you’re burning through your workouts and activities.

Our only complaint with these types of watches is that they don’t have the most powerful battery and you have to constantly recharge them in order to keep going and get the most out of them. However, the Tactix Charlie has one of the most powerful batteries out there. In fact, GPS mode can last for up to 35 hours, which is impressive, but not as impressive as a 12-day operation per charge on normal mode.

  • GPS navigation is very accurate
  • It’s suitable for regular use
  • Rugged design
  • Made to handle the elements and last
  • 12-day battery life
  • It’s really pricey
  • The battery life tends to significantly reduce after some time


Well, there you have it! That was our Garmin Tactix Charlie vs Fenix 5X comparison with all that you need to know about these two watches and what they have to offer.

Honestly speaking, we have to go with the Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire. This is because it offers the most amount of benefit in our opinion.

Not only is it ruggedly constructed from durable materials and made to handle different types of environments, but it comes at an affordable price point compared to the Tactix Charlie.

You’ll definitely enjoy its ability to collage and organize important performance data that will enable you to improve over time. The best part is that it makes you look good while having fun!

And you can use it to keep in touch with others whether it’s to share your GPS location or receive text messages and phone calls on the go.

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