Can Fitbit Track Biking? How to Use It?

You must have heard about Fitbits and people using them while walking or running. You might even have one that you currently use for your running. These high-end electronic accessories are known to record the number of steps taken during exercises on foot. What you probably want to know is; can Fitbit track biking?

Fitbits are excellent devices that are efficient for monitoring one’s health and keeping you updated on the progress you’ve made in your exercise. These devices have become well-known among fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

To know if Fitbit can be used for biking, keep on reading. We have taken time to prepare detailed guidelines that will better your understanding and use of the device in your regimen.

How to Track Cycling on Fitbit

Does Fitbit track cycling? You can use Fitbit to track biking. The way it works for cycling is quite different from how it works for exercise on foot.

But how does Fitbit track steps when cycling? Fitness enthusiasts that engage in walking and running get the number of steps they take recorded. Fitbit also keeps a record of steps taken by cyclists. However, this isn’t our main concern. What we care for are the other great features that the device offers cyclists.

What are these features that cyclists can benefit from using Fitbit? Apart from the general activity monitoring and recording, it’s equipped with a GPS function that provides the biker with relevant details.

You can just imagine the advantages of having GPS on your bike pouch while cycling for people wondering if Fitbit does work for cycling. With this ingenious integration, you can cycle along the best and least congested biking routes. You also get to record the distance covered and the cycling rate. For those who don’t want to take their phones out for biking, you can get a model with a fully integrated GPS.

There’s a broad spectrum of functions to suit your requirements, even if you do freeride mountain biking among other things. You can comfortably monitor biking with Fitbits.

Can Fitbit track cycling? Fitbits can be used to track:

  • Heart Rate
  • Distance
  • Average Speed
  • Burned Calories
  • Duration

For those who do indoor/stationary cycling, the Fitbit can keep track of your movements. This way, you can conveniently monitor both your indoor and open-air cycling regimen.

Benefits of Fitbits for Biking

Does Fitbit track bike riding efficiently? So it can efficiently monitor your cycling, the device is connected to your smartphone – It’s also connected to the desktop dashboard. The details gathered from your biking routine can be viewed from any mobile phone.

How can Fitbit track biking? Here’s what it can do:

Counts Burned Calories

Fitbit can keep a record of the amount of calories you’ve burned during your cycling. This is done with respect to BMR records and biking info.

Tracks Distance

As you cycle, your Fitbit simultaneously records data of how much distance you’ve covered.

Comes with a GPS

For cyclists who are particular about finding the least stressful biking routes, the GPS functions on Fitbits would serve you well. There are some of these devices that have fully integrated GPS functions – you don’t need a mobile phone before you can view the tracked data.

Tracks Duration

If you don’t collect any data on the duration of your cycling routines, you might not be able to make some corrections/adjustments to the routine.

Checks Heart Rate

Heart Rate Monitoring is really good for bikers. It keeps you up to date on your heart’s health status. Both relaxed heart rates and workout rates can be recorded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Fitbit track cycling?

Yes, it can. The electronic device has various sensors integrated into its system to monitor and track your cycling. You can keep track of how far you’ve cycled from your starting point, calories used, duration of cycling, and average speed.

How does Fitbit recognize biking?

Thanks to SmartTrack technology, Fitbits can figure out what activity the wearer is currently engaged in. This feature is added via a system upgrade. This means that your device can tell when you’re biking, jogging, or on a stationary cycle.

How do I add bike riding to my Fitbit?

Follow these steps:
1. Access the exercise screen.
2. Select “Bike” from the list of available exercises.
3. Activate the bike exercise feature by pressing and holding the button.
4. Access the simultaneously collected data by tapping the tracker.

Does riding a bike count as steps?

Devices that are dedicated to counting steps or tracking the number of steps don’t function properly for cycling. This is because those devices are able to only record footsteps and are meant to be used for exercises on foot, like running or jogging.

What is the best Fitbit for biking?

The best for biking is the Versa 2. As expected, this device features activity tracking for various activities. From the cycling menu, you can monitor heart rate, duration, distance, etc. The integration of SmartTrack into its system enables it to run various functions.

How does my Fitbit know I’m walking?

The secret behind this ability is the three-axis accelerometer. With this integration, your Fitbit can effectively track motion patterns and decipher what activity you’re currently engaged in.


So will Fitbit track cycling? Now that you know that Fitbit can track biking, it’s obvious that getting one will benefit you as a cyclist.

Features like the fully integrated GPS will provide you with a lot of relevant data. You can find the best cycling route with the least traffic, you can also track the cycling speed and distance you’ve covered.

There’s also a SmartTrack technology that allows the Fitbit to detect what type of movement you’re currently doing. It can tell if you’re cycling or walking.

Get one today and enjoy what it has to offer you.

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