8 Best Titanium Gravel Bikes in 2022

Are you looking for the best titanium gravel bikes on the market today? A gravel bike is a versatile riding option for cyclists who love riding on both road and off-road surfaces.

It’s basically a drop-bar bike with specifically refined features taken from both mountain and road bikes. The bikes are designed for long-distance comfort and powerful braking on multi-surface terrains.

When shopping for the best titanium adventure bike, look for one that has a good price to value ratio. When talking of value think of key factors such as the quality and build of the frame, components, warranty, and other extra features.

To help you make a more informed decision when looking for the best picks, we have reviewed some of the best options today and will provide you with a handy buying guide to make your search easier.

Best Titanium Gravel Bikes Reviewed

Here are our top recommendations for the best titanium gravel frame bikes:

1. SAVADECK Carbon Gravel Road Bike

The SAVADECK Carbon Gravel bike is a versatile adventure bike that works on almost every terrain including city streets, mountain trails, and gravel roads. It comes with wide 700C x 40C wheels on a sturdy full carbon fiber frame.

The 22-speed gravel bike features top-quality hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano Ultegra groupset. One thing you’ll love about this gravel bike is its Shimano Ultegra shifter levers. The dual control lever provides precise and more accurate shifting as well as a greater reach for the gear lever and brake adjustment.

The bike also comes with 50MM carbon fiber rims that allow the bike to easily meet the demands of both rigid and lightweight rims. It has a perfect aerodynamic design for light starting and fast acceleration. Another key feature is the Shimano Ultegra cassette that offers an increased range of gearing combinations. The gear cassette is made of high-quality tensile steel that’s not only resistant to abrasions but more durable as well.

If you’re in the market for the best titanium gravel bikes, the SAVADECK gravel bike is a perfect option to consider. It’s made for both city roads and off-road terrains. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better titanium gravel bike for sale.

  • Lightweight frame and strong enough for smooth riding
  • The tires provide perfect grip power
  • Comes with two Shimano Ultegra 11 speed shifters
  • Powerful hydraulic braking system
  • Great value for money
  • For some people, the handlebar to seat distance may seem a bit long

2. Tommaso Sterrata Gravel Bike

This is a great gravel adventure bike that offers disc brakes, carbon fork, and extra-wide tires for both dirt trail and city road touring and is available in sleek matte black color.

If you’re searching for a good gravel bike that’s not only practical but fun as well, look no further than the Tommaso Sterrata. The bike comes with a compact aluminum frame that’s both light and durable. The tube is premium shaped with the top tube narrowing towards the seat tube so you can have more knee and legroom.

Another feature you’ll love about this bike is its powerful 24-speed Shimano Claris groupset that delivers excellent performance, speed, and durability. The 24-speed drivetrain provides a decent range of gears for both beginner and professional riders in all conditions. The gear range helps to tackle different types of rugged terrains without necessarily breaking a sweat.

The bike also features all-terrain rugged wheels that will keep you rolling on both smooth and tough terrains in any condition. It comes with heavy-duty performance rims for both on and off-road riding. You also get a perfect grip from the 32mm tires. The bike’s disc brakes provide perfect control and stopping power in all weather conditions. Overall, the Tommaso Sterrata is designed to give you an enjoyable gravel ride.

  • Strong, lightweight, and durable aluminum frame and carbon fork
  • Comes with 24-speed Shimano Claris shifters
  • Features all-weather disc brakes
  • Perfect grip from the 32mm tires
  • The gearing may sometimes clank a lot

3. Kent GZR700 Road Bike

The Kent GZR700 is a gravel bike made for serious riders. It features Shimano stem shifters and a rear derailleur to give you smooth and almost effortless shifting between its 21 speeds. However, keep in mind that this isn’t your average road bike.

It combines the practical features of both road and mountain bikes and may take time to get used to if you want to avoid posture problems. Try it for some time until you find your perfect sitting posture when riding the bike.

Nonetheless, you’ll love the bike’s shifting levers that give you access to the bike’s range of 21 speeds. The levers are conveniently located at the center stem of the bike’s handlebars about 3 or 4 inches from your hands when holding the handlebars. Some users, however, might find this position a bit challenging which is why we insist you get used to the bike before tackling a long tough ride.

The Kent GZR700 is also made to stop instantly in all weather conditions thanks to its alloy calipers and reliable brake levers. The bike comes with high-profile alloy 36” rims by Vitesse, which look sleek and deliver an excellent riding experience. It can carry up to 250 pounds with ease.

  • Flexible speed options with 21-speed settings
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Great brake levers and calipers for reliable stopping power
  • Provides a comfortable ride once you get used to it
  • Might seem heavy for some riders
  • Requires patience and practice before you can comfortably handle it

4. Schwinn Sporterra Adventure Adult Gravel Bike

If you’re looking for the best titanium gravel bikes, the Schwinn Sporterra is another good option to consider. For starters, it’s made by Schwinn – a well-known brand in the bike industry.

Additionally, the bike is meticulously designed to handle all the punishment on and off-road terrains can throw its way. It works perfectly on both paved and unpaved surfaces, thanks to its 700C wheels, lightweight frame, and 14 speeds. It’s a versatile bike with wider tires and a more upright riding position.

The bike comes with a 14-speed drivetrain that makes climbing hills and picking up speed on flat surfaces a breeze. One of its key features worth noting is its brakes. The Schwinn Sporterra has mechanical disc brakes that provide excellent stopping power in both wet and gravel riding conditions.

This type of brake is usually found on other pricier high-end bikes. If you’re looking for something more versatile or are new to gravel riding, the Schwinn Sporterra has it all. It’s also available at an affordable price, especially when you compare the high-end parts and solid design of the bike with other options in the market.

  • A feature-full and affordable adventure bike
  • The gears shift smoothly
  • Solid frame design with a sleek finish
  • High-quality mechanical brakes with great stopping power even in wet conditions
  • Delivers superior riding experience
  • The pedals and seat may be difficult to handle

5. Giordano Trieste Gravel Bike

This is another high-quality gravel bike with 700C tires and is available in elegant gray color. It’s a moderately priced bike with a strong and durable frame as well as all the major parts you need for long-term riding on tough terrains.

The bike was designed with durability in mind. It features a sturdy Chromoly steel frame as well as steel forks. For your information, Chromoly is a blend of molybdenum and chromium that’s used to make the best quality steel, especially for bike frames. The bike isn’t only durable but quite light, which are the key features to look for in a bike designed to tackle off-road trails, paved roads, and gravel riding.

The Giordano Trieste also features durable and lightweight double-wall alloy rim wheels that can fit 700C x 30mm tires. These are wide tires with enough traction to handle any gravel or rough terrain. You’ll also appreciate the fact that the bike comes with 16 speeds that help you to gear down when riding over gravel surfaces and pick up speed on paved surfaces.

The shifters are all from Shimano – a leading name in the gear shifters and derailleurs industry. The bike has mechanical disc brakes and stylish handlebars that can be adjusted into multiple racing positions.

  • An extremely durable construction
  • Lightweight Chromoly frame
  • Excellent disc brakes
  • Comes with Shimano gear shifters and other parts
  • Perfect for riding in all conditions
  • Great tires for gravel riding
  • Reasonable price
  • Would have been better if the tires were wider
  • Difficult to assemble

6. Vilano Gravel Bike

The Vilano gravel bike is another versatile option to consider when shopping for the best titanium gravel bikes. It works perfectly on both paved roads and off-road trails. Some of the key features of this bike include 14 speeds, drop bars, integrated brake lever shifters, and multi-purpose 700C x 38C tires. This is a great bike for regular commutes and weekend adventures.

The Vilano Gravel bike also comes equipped with mechanical disc brakes that deliver reliable stopping power in all conditions. It has a strong and lightweight aluminum frame and a steel fork. You even get more mount points for your water bottle and can even add more racks to carry the stuff you need on long rides.

Like other Vilano bikes, this one is quite affordable and ideal for beginner riders. It’s well constructed and can be used for a wide range of activities including fitness, commuting, and leisure rides.

The company offers a wide range of high-quality bikes including hybrid bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and folding bikes as well as biking accessories. Their aluminum and steel frames are also lighter than most entry-level bikes on the market.

  • A versatile bike that works perfectly on city streets, fire roads, and gravel trails
  • Wide 700c and 700c x 38c tires
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Drop bars
  • Great adventure bike available at a reasonable price
  • Slightly narrow at the front and may not be comfortable on long rides

7. KOOTU Carbon Road Bike

The KOOTU carbon road bike is another versatile on and off-road bike for anyone looking for a titanium adventure bike. The bike has a carbon fiber frame used in racing bikes, wide 700C wheels, 22-speed gears, and Shimano Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes.

We love the fact that the whole frame and rims of the bike are made from lighter and stronger carbon fiber. In fact, the entire bike just weighs 19.4 pounds. The bike also comes with a fully integrated inner cable design so you won’t have hanging cables along the rim. It has an aerodynamic design that helps to reduce wind resistance for a smoother ride. The handlebars are also tapered for stronger torsion and better handling.

The KOOTU road bike has an excellent drivetrain by Shimano. It also uses a Shimano hydraulic disc brake system that’s more sensitive and responsive than oil brakes. Comes with reliable 700 x 28C Continental tires designed for all types of surfaces and terrains. You also get a Fizik saddle and clip-on pedals for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The KOOTU model is easy to assemble because it’s delivered 90% already assembled. You’ll only need to add the front wheel, pedals, and seat post and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for high-end features in a versatile gravel bike, the KOOTU is well worth checking.

  • Lightweight, strong, and durable carbon frames and rims
  • Integrated cable style
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reliable braking system
  • Wide 700C tires
  • A relatively new brand that hasn’t been tried and tested yet but overall the bike looks great

8. Viribus Adult Gravel Bike

This is a 21 speed 27.5” rugged gravel bike that’s much at home on city streets and on trails as well. It’s designed for both men and women. The bike’s lightweight frame is made of strong high-carbon steel.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. The all-terrain bike comes with both front and rear V-style brakes for better control and stopping power in all conditions and even on steep slopes.

The Viribus model also comes with classic drop bar handles for extra leverage when you’re going uphill and for a better aerodynamic profile when riding against the wind. It comes with a 21-speed derailleur featuring micro-grip gear shifters. The gears ensure that you can cruise or ride faster in straight ways and power up faster when you start going uphill.

The entire bike’s frame and rims are corrosion-resistant and are designed with shock resistance and durability in mind. You’ll also like the fact that the bike comes with a thick comfortable MTB saddle with elastic cushioning to keep you comfy on long rides. This is an affordable bike for regular commuting and weekend getaways with fellow cyclists.

  • Well-built for gravel and rugged terrain riding
  • Strong and durable frame
  • High maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • Comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty
  • Reliable dual V brakes
  • Relatively new model

How to Pick the Best Titanium Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are quite adaptable and a great way to have fun. There are plenty of off-road paths to discover while riding a titanium adventure bike, making it an excellent starting point for those new to riding. Wherever you go shopping, you want to know all you can about a product before making a purchase.

The following are some of the most important aspects to look for in the best titanium gravel bicycles:

Bike’s Frame and Geometry

Take care while selecting a nice gravel bike by considering its frame geometry. Gravel bikes feature a more laid-back geometry than road cycles.

As a result, you’re not in such a threatening position when riding because you’re more upright. This aids in keeping one’s comfort level up on extended trips. When shopping for the best titanium gravel frame bike, you’re limited to a few select manufacturers and frame choices.

You can, however, make a few tweaks to an inexpensive road bike with “endurance” geometry and ride it off-road with ease. You might expect to get a steel frame for $500 or less.

Steel frames are heavy and quite solid for entry-level bikes but for an easier-to-handle lightweight bike, look for either aluminum or carbon fiber.

Parts and Components

A key advantage of most titanium gravel bikes made in the USA and other parts of the world is that you can ride them over different terrains without fear of damaging the bike or its ability to cover rough terrain.

With a good budget, you can get a good gravel bike, such as the ones discussed above, with all the necessary and extra components you need, such as Shimano gears and derailleurs and other entry-level groupsets. These are handy components to have when you want to tackle all forms of inclines and maintain a good speed on roads.

Some of the pricier models come with disc brakes but even V and cantilever brakes can still work fine on a gravel bike. Just keep in mind that V brakes may not perform as well as disc brakes on wet slippery surfaces.

Look for other accessories too such as a comfortable saddle and even a water bottle holder. Just make sure the bike offers as much of what you need as possible.

Rims and Tires

A gravel bike is meant to take you wherever you want to go regardless of how tough the terrain looks. The bike shouldn’t be as troublesome as a road bike on terrain or a cheap mountain bike on a city street.

It’s, therefore, important to ensure that the bike is equipped with wider tires than those found on road and hybrid bikes. A 700C 38mm to 42mm pair of tires should provide adequate tread and grip on both road and off-road surfaces. These are perfect tires for gravel bikes.

The best titanium gravel bicycles should come fitted with strong wheels to help you maintain control on off-road terrains.

If you plan to spend more time on tough trails, look for a bike with wheelsets of 24 to 32 spokes. The spokes help to maintain tension and prevent the wheel from buckling. Always go for a higher spoke count.


Whenever you’re shopping for any bike, you should always consider a minimum of 8-speed gears but for gravel bikes, you may need a model with 16 to 21-speed gears.

Keep in mind that when riding over gravel you will stick to lower gears for better control and handling but when you hit city roads and other paved surfaces the extra gears will come in handy. So, look for a bike with more gears.

Final Thoughts

Gravel bikes are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride whether on paved city streets or on rough off-road trails. The bikes come with more advanced features than road bikes and mountain bikes such as wider tires, bigger wheels, and better braking systems.

Ideally, a good gravel bike should have a good number of gears to tackle different terrains and a light frame to ensure a smooth ride.

When looking for the best titanium gravel bikes, the options reviewed above are perfect options to begin your search. The models provide excellent performance when riding on roads and off-road terrains.

However, we highly recommend the SAVADECK Carbon Gravel Road Bike. It comes equipped with all the features you need in a gravel bike such as 700C x 40C wheels, full carbon fiber frame, and hydraulic disc brakes with Shimano Ultegra groupset.

It’s a perfect bike for both advanced and beginner riders. You have another option that we haven’t covered here? Kindly share with us in the comments below!

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