3 Best Tandem Bike Attachments in 2022

Cycling is one of the many beneficial exercises you and your kids can do together. It gives you an opportunity to go out of the house and get some fresh air. It also helps you bond more with your children. However, there are limits to how well and how far a child can ride. Younger kids may not be able to ride at all, while older kids may still need a significant amount of support when cycling. No need to worry. The best tandem bike attachments enable you, the adult, to offer some assistance to your kid.

Since these bike attachments are manufactured to help kids enjoy their cycling experience with minimal effort, it makes sense to get one for yours. Take note that although the younger kids can make do with a trailer, it becomes obsolete as they get older.

You might want to go on a quality lengthy ride with your kid. If that’s the case, tandem bicycle attachments shouldn’t be ignored.

Tandem Bike Attachment Reviews

There are different brands to choose from when shopping for the best tandem bike attachments and we have reviewed some of them for you.

1. Weehoo iGo Blast Tag Child Bicycle Trailer

First on our list is the Weehoo Child Bicycle Trailer. It’s one of the top bike attachments today and is a quality product that delivers desirable results.

If you have really young kids, especially within the age range of 1 to 4 years, this product is for you. The Weehoo trailer provides your kid with lots of fun and cycling assistance. Thanks to a reliable design, this versatile unit can be used effectively on various trails.

To provide the best experience, it’s equipped with comfortable footrests, a seat strap with buckle, and cushioned handles. With these features present, your kid is safer when riding.

  • It includes a convenient riding pack
  • Features an attachment with three-point child safety harness
  • Allows your kid to ride right behind you, the parent
  • Assembling the attachment could be challenging

2. Kazam WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

The manufacturers responsible for fabricating this trailer are experts in the field of kid’s bike products. This particular product from them is a reflection of the quality they offer.

The Kazam WeeRide is a proper fit for kids between the ages of 4 and 9 with weights reaching 75 pounds. The design of this product has been done with consideration to the kid’s comfort. Its saddle and handlebars are properly cushioned to give the best experience. These features can also be adjusted to fit the kids’ profiles as they get older.

After the cycling exercise has been completed, this tandem bike extension can be easily removed via a fast-release mechanism. The attachment can then be folded away in a compact fashion and stored.

  • Simple and straightforward setup process
  • Strong and long-lasting product with lightweight design
  • It is an excellent option for kids and it provides great comfort
  • Difficulty may be faced when reaching for the pedals
  • The hitch may be too tight

3. FollowMe Tandem – Parent-Child Bicycle Coupling

The last item reviewed is the FollowMe Bicycle Coupling. Its purpose is clearly stated in its name – helps the parent safely guide the child on bike rides. Unlike many other models, this particular product is designed as a complete kid’s bicycle attached to the parent’s bicycle.

Some may refer to this setup as a tag-along attachment. This bicycle attachment for kids is an interesting choice to use. Because of its full-bike design, your kid can enjoy riding their favorite bicycle while being safely fixed to your own bike for assistance.

This tandem bike attachment for kids is best used with kids’ bikes that have wheel specifications ranging from 12 to 20 inches. The attachment works well on various trails and is an effective method to train your kids on biking.

  • It’s designed to fix a full kids’ bike to the adult’s bike
  • The attachment can be quickly fixed and detached when the need arises
  • It has a connecting part made from chromed steel
  • Some may find the attachment to be very bulky
  • Setting up the attachment for the first time is quite challenging

How to Get the Best Tandem Bike Attachments

These are the things to keep in mind when shopping:


Before you select any bike tandem, you need to know if it will fit your bicycle or not. It would be burdensome to buy a tandem attachment and have to return it later on.

Tandem attachments for bikes are designed to be attached to your bike’s frame. They may be fixed to the bike’s rear axle or seat post via a metal tube.

This metal tube should have specifications that match your bike frame’s diameter and size. Fortunately, a lot of tandem attachments fit nicely to most adult bikes.


The best tandem bike attachments for adults have good designs. The design says a lot about how comfortable it’ll be.

The design should include a handlebar that is easily accessible. The product’s design should also help the kid maintain a good riding position.


Another key factor to consider is comfort, especially when you plan to go on lengthy rides.

Before finalizing your selection, it would help if your kid could try out the product. This way, the child can pick the one that feels most comfortable.

A child who has just concluded the use of trailers and is about to begin using tandems should be fitted with a seat that has a backrest. The product’s height adjustment shouldn’t be overlooked either.


A kids bike tandem attachment tandem is no good if it isn’t safe. Considering the fact that these are to be used along with kids, emphasis must be laid on the importance of safety.

Proper tandem bike attachment for a child should be equipped with quality buckles and strong durable wheels. The tandem should also be fitted with suspensions. A key selling point is versatility. The product should be compatible with various terrains.


There’s a necessary connection between the size of the tandem bike attachment and your child’s age. These attachments are mostly made to match children between the ages of 4 to 9 years.

This way, weight is spread evenly so as to bring about the best results. It’s expected that bigger attachments would pose more problems with navigation than smaller ones.


Lastly, don’t ignore weight. The weight of your kid and the attachment have to be considered before making a final purchase. How fast you go will be directly influenced by the overall weight.

Depending on the attachment you’re getting, weight tolerance may differ. It wouldn’t be reasonable to get a children’s bike attachment tandem that can’t support the weight of your kid.

This would only lead to accidents. An attachment that is unable to support the child’s weight will have its secure locks compromised.

What Are Tandem Bike Attachments?

Bike attachments have an origin associated with the classic tandem bicycles used many years ago.

The tandem bike connector is a system of two individual bikes connected by an apparatus that makes it possible for both bicycles to be driven together as a whole.

There are tandem bicycle attachments for adults, but also those for kids. These kid tandem attachments allow parents to securely assist their children in bicycle learning. The setup normally includes handlebars and pedals that fit kids.

Thanks to many reliable manufacturers, there are different bike attachments that come in various specifications for children of varying ages.

Why Use a Child Tandem Bicycle Attachment?

If you aren’t sure why you’ll need a bike attachment, you should consider the needs of your kid.

Younger kids, toddlers, can be safely and effectively introduced to cycling through the use of a tandem bike attachment. These attachments provide you with a chance to ride jointly with your kid and consequently help them practice the fundamentals of bicycle riding.

Kids below the age of 4 years would normally make use of a children’s trailer or a bike for rail trails to learn. Those above that age should preferably use a bike tandem attachment. At that age group, it’s much safer for them to practice with a bicycle tandem attachment


Clearly, the tandem bike attachment is a relevant tool that helps children practice how to ride bicycles. There are various options to pick from, but you must find one that best suits your child.

The Weehoo iGo Blast Tag Child Bicycle Trailer stands out as the best among other products we reviewed earlier.

Not only does it stand out among the best tandem bike attachments today, but it delivers the expected quality. This product is a wonderful match for children between the ages of 1 to 4 years. Favorably, it’s capable of being used on various trails.

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