5 Best Schwinn Beach Cruiser Bikes in 2022

What’s the key to finding good Schwinn beach cruiser bikes? First things first, explore your options and have a checklist of features that you’re going to use to sift through what you find. That’s the process that we followed to bring you this guide.

Why beach cruiser bikes? As the name implies, beach cruisers are designed for leisurely riding around the neighborhood, daily commuting, or climbing uphill on light trails.

They come in different varieties, including a single-speed model for easy riding, a three-speed model that makes it easier to climb uphill and enjoy longer rides, as well as a seven-speeder that’s designed for intense long rides.

Schwinn Beach Cruiser Bikes Reviews

Below we have comprehensive Schwinn cruiser reviews designed to simplify the buying process for you because we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect bicycle.

The following bikes offer great value for money and are some of the best quality models available.

1. Schwinn Mikko & Huron Beach Cruiser Bike

The Schwinn brand is one of the most well-known bike manufacturers in the world. This is thanks to their reputation for making high-quality and affordable bicycles.

They’ve been around for over a century and have managed to retain a spot in the top five best bike manufacturers list throughout that time.

They don’t disappoint with this Mikko & Huron adult beach cruiser bike. It’s made to last with your safety and performance in mind. The Mikko women’s cruiser is particularly interesting with its laidback style and internal drivetrain which ensures a low-maintenance lifecycle.

Thanks to its simple design, this cruiser bike is comfortable as it’s stylish. It even comes with a conveniently wide seat that’s designed specifically for the female frame. There aren’t any expensive extras that you wouldn’t normally use. Everything in this bicycle is super useful and purposeful.

  • It features super durable alloy wheels
  • There are fenders on the front and back
  • It’s built strong and resilient
  • Comes with efficient coaster brakes
  • The coaster brakes can be difficult to use for beginners

2. Schwinn Classic Cruiser Bicycle

When it comes to Schwinn men’s cruiser bikes, it doesn’t get better than this stylishly retro model. It comes with 26-inch macho tires that can handle untarred roads, craggy hills, and all.

Its brakes are designed to handle intense conditions as well. The tires are made to ensure that you’re able to ride smoothly without any restrictions.

It also comes with traditional handlebars which is music in the ears of old-school bike lovers.

These are upright handlebars that allow you to maintain the same posture throughout your bike ride while keeping the shoulders relaxed.

  • Designed to ensure proper postures through upright handlebars and overall thoughtful design
  • Made from top-class durable steel
  • Features comfy padded seats for those long rides
  • It has a stylish retro vibe
  • This bicycle is pricier than most other models in the same category

3. Schwinn Sivica 7 Comfort Cruiser Bike

The Schwinn Sivica 7 is an attractively designed machine with a 26×2 frame and a lightweight frame that’s constructed from durable aluminum. It’s suitable for women as tall as 5’4” to 6’4”. That’s a pretty decent height range, making it accessible to more women.

But, what makes this the ultimate Schwinn beach cruiser bicycle is the fact that it’s made according to Relaxed Position Plus Geometry. This helps you maintain the optimal riding position throughout. It’s helped by its stability which is guaranteed through its improved wheelbase.

It also features a slightly slackened seat tube that’s designed to prevent back pain by making sure that you stay upright. Then you’ve got smooth gear changes courtesy of the 7-speed Shimano drivetrain.

Not only that, but this bicycle is available in four stylish colors. This includes grey, cream, blue and black in the chicest shades imaginable.

  • It has systems in place that are designed to facilitate smooth gear application and shifting
  • Constructed from a lightweight structure
  • Built with user safety in mind
  • Comes in four different colors
  • It’s not made for long-distance or intense off-road applications

4. Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bicycle

The Schwinn Sanctuary 7 cruiser bike sports a number of awesome features worth considering. These include a female-friendly wide and lowered seat, a swapping steel frame that’s easy to mount and dismount, and a convenient 7-speed gear system.

Then you’ve got the complementary twist shifters. These allow you to go the distance at your preferred speeds without making you feel like a Speedy Gonzalez type character.

This bicycle can handle any type of terrain that you throw it in. Thanks to its gear mechanism, it rides like a song. So comfortable!

It’s worth noting though that this bike weighs about 44.1 pounds. This means it’s on the heavier side and this might be due to its steel components. But, the good news is that it has the capacity to handle up to 300 pounds of total weight and it’s built resilient.

  • It features lightweight alloy rims
  • Has wide-set tires that offer optimal stability and grip
  • Padded saddle with flexible springs
  • Made from a durable steel frame
  • Comes with extendable handlebars and an adjustable seat to ideally position your body
  • Doesn’t come with the right safety brakes
  • It’s on the heavier side

5. Schwinn Perla Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike

The Schwinn Perla bicycle is the ladies Schwinn cruiser to get if you want to enjoy comfy and relaxed rides.

It comes with a convenient step-through design for easy mounting. To ensure maximum comfort, this cruiser features swept-back handlebars and fenders that match with the quilted seat.

One of the main features included in this bike is its 7-speed twist shifters. This means that you have 7 different speeds to choose from, as well as a rear derailleur that’ll give you an easier time when going uphill in any type of terrain.

For safety, Schwinn has fitted this bike with alloy linear-pull brakes that’ll bring it to a complete stop in an instant. You also don’t have to carry your backpack on your own if you like. There’s a rear rack designed to keep your stuff while you zip around.

  • It comes with a pretty seat that matches with the bicycle
  • Comfy adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Features a steel frame with a high weight capacity
  • Easy to use twist shifters and handle brakes
  • The components aren’t of the best quality
  • It can be difficult to assemble for beginners

How to Find the Best Schwinn Beach Cruiser Bikes

Now that you know what the best Schwinn beach cruiser bikes are, it’s time to look at some of the most important considerations to make when selecting your cruiser bicycle.

This is so that you end up with a model that actually fits your needs.


An important feature to think about is the frame. What type of material is it made from? This will determine its durability and how comfortable it is to ride.

Most cruiser bike frames are made either from aluminum or steel. Aluminum is a combination of durability and lightweight construction, albeit expensive.

Steel frames are cheaper but heavier in comparison.


Schwinn cruiser reviews always take into account bike size. That’s because choosing the right bike size will determine how comfortable you are through the process.

The good news is that the Schwinn women’s beach cruiser comes in all kinds of different sizes so you’re bound to find something that more than caters to your unique height.

When reading through the reviews, make sure that the bike size and design are compatible with your weight, height, and gender.


A Schwinn bikes cruiser typically comes in single-speed form, but there are also 3-speed or 7-speed gear options. For the most part, you only want a 3 or 7-speed gear bike if you plan on climbing uphill or riding for long distances.

Consider if you prefer coaster brakes to hand brakes and how each option works with the number of gears that your bike has.


Next, think about the purpose of your bike. What kind of riding are you interested in?

This will help you to determine which cruiser is best for you or if you should just go for something different altogether.


Of course, you knew we were going to bring this one up, and for good reason.

You should have your budget set by the time you start reading through review material like this guide we’ve written for you and use that as part of your decision-making framework.

However, keep in mind that you do get what you pay for with everything. This includes your cruiser or hybrid bicycle. For best results, look for something that offers great value for money by balancing price and quality.


Maintenance is something else to think about because you may not have all the time in the world to dedicate to your bike’s upkeep.

In that case, you’ll want a low-maintenance bicycle that isn’t demanding at all.

What is a Beach Cruiser Bicycle?

Simply put, a beach cruiser bike is any bicycle that has the following features; a sweeping and wide handlebar, a coaster brake, a comfy saddle, and lastly, balloon tires.

That’s how most people would describe it, and it’s not exactly made for speed. That’s why it’s called a cruiser.

This is the type of bike that you can ride with a bathing suit and flip flops on. It’s not demanding at all, and that’s why people who live near the beach or nature trails like to use it. It’s easy to ride around the boardwalk but faster than walking.

However, many manufacturers are designing modern-day cruisers to have motors, mount racks, internal gearing, cleaner belt drives, large wheels, and more gears.

Only you can decide if these features are in fact, important to you, depending on what you want from your bicycle.

Benefits of Cruiser Bikes for Use on the Beach

A cruiser bike is perfect for any cycling enthusiast. It comes with a lot of unique features that make cycling even more enjoyable.

But, it’s especially useful for leisurely riding around town while running errands or casual riding to the beach.

The beach cruiser is also the perfect bicycle for anyone that’s concerned about maintaining optimal body posture while cycling. It’s environmentally friendly as well, which is great.

But, our favorite part about the beach cruiser is that it’s a fun and effortless form of exercise that doesn’t feel like you’re doing exercise.

Yet, it’s a cardiovascular workout that can improve your stamina, balance, strength, and overall fitness.


As you can see, the best Schwinn beach cruiser bikes all have something in common. They’re made from high-quality material and come with useful features and a design that’s made with you as the end-user in mind.

But, if you’re still feeling confused about which option you should choose, you’re not alone. It was tough for us to narrow down these bikes into this short guide, and even tougher to pick our ultimate winner. In this case, it’s the Schwinn Mikko & Huron cruiser bike.

Available for both men and women, this bicycle offers decent performance in a laidback and unassuming style. It comes with an internal drivetrain, a comfy wide seat, and durable alloy wheels to help you navigate through different types of terrain with ease and comfort.

It doesn’t matter where you end up with this bike, it won’t let you down. It’s built tough and even comes with efficient coaster brakes that will bring it to an instant halt, as well as front and back fenders to keep dirt, mud, and water splashes out.

It’s versatile with all that you need for a leisurely ride. Let us know in the comments section please what is the best pick for your needs!

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