5 Best Road Tires for 29er Mountain Bike in 2022

Looking for the best road tires for 29er mountain bike? There’s no better upgrade to a mountain bike than some hardy road tires. They will add to the aesthetic value and functionality of your bike as well. It’s also important to get the correct type of tires to ensure that you maintain perfect traction on wet and dry surfaces.

However, if you’re going to go all out and buy the best 29er mountain bike tires then you might as well do it right, and that means taking the following advice into consideration.

Best 29er Mountain Bike Tires

We’ve taken the legwork out of finding the best road tires for 29er mountain bike by doing all of the research for you.

We’ve analyzed all of the different options available out there to bring you a comprehensive guide with all the information you need.

1. Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire

One can always trust the Schwinn brand to make the best 29-inch mountain bike road tires.

After all, they’ve been making high-quality bikes and bike components since 1895. This is their replacement bike tire that’s actually designed to fit different types of bike designs and models.

However, what makes it one of the best road tires for 29er mountain bicycle is the fact that it rides fast and smooth on paved surfaces while gripping steadfastly on solid flat roads, which means a reduced chance of slipping even in wet conditions.

Underneath the tread center of these tires is a Kevlar belt which is meant to lower the risk of punctures. And overall, this tire is perfect for freestyle riding.

  • Cost-effective yet durably constructed
  • Made to fit different bike styles
  • Comes with a Kevlar belt underneath the middle of the tread
  • Superior grip for freestyle riding
  • Available in different sizes
  • It’s heavier than your average tires

2. WTBA0 WTB Slick 2.2 Comp Tire

Next up we have the WTB Slick Comp tire for comfortable year-round bike commuting. It’s designed for wet and dry conditions. Although solidly built and strong, this tire only weighs 540 grams making it lightweight and easy to control.

Then you’ve got its unique deep outer grooves that allow you to traverse through slick conditions without going out of control.

Although affordable, this tire is constructed from durable DNA rubber which is long-lasting and designed to take on serious abuse on the road. Keep in mind that it has a tube-like design with a wire bead for maximum strength.

  • It offers incredible tire retention
  • Constructed from DNA rubber for maximum durability
  • All-weather construction
  • Features deep outer grooves for cornering traction and efficient water evacuation
  • The smooth centerline reduces the rolling resistance
  • Not great for off-trail applications due to thin

3. Maxxis High Roller II Folding Tire

These slick tires for 29er mountain bike are race-ready and lauded for their superior performance.

Since they have so much air in them, they’re able to absorb shocks on your behalf so that you don’t feel the impact of dangerous landings. They also come with a 60A durometer for long-lasting riding. This is in addition to the tire’s rim-to-rim tread which helps to keep your bike wheels’ sidewalls protected.

The tires themselves also feature a durable wire bead designed to help control their friction while offering the best traction available when going downstairs or performing tricks at the local skate park, for example.

  • It only weighs 835g
  • Made from dual-compound rubber
  • Tested for durability
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals alike
  • Race winning tires
  • Customer service could use some improvement

4. Serfas Drifter Tire with FPS

Also, on our list of the best 29 inch road tires for mountain bike is the Serfas drifter tire with FPS.

It comes with a dedicated protection system and hardened rubber construction to offer improved rolling resistance. It’s also made to last with inverted tread patterns to reduce friction.

The outer part of the tire is made from slightly softer substances that offer improved grip as well as dual-density technology that encases the tire in lots of rubber for added texture and durability.

Not only that, but the tire’s smart inverted tread offers a double layout that helps to reduce whirling difficulty while making for a smoother and faster ride overall, as well as plenty of grip for those unpredictable rides. 

  • Comes with a max PSI of 65
  • Wire bead offers a secure fit
  • 69 durometer compound offers superb durability
  • Inverted tread pattern for reduced rolling resistance
  • Integrated flat protection system
  • It has rubber cracks

5. Maxxis Wire Tire

These smartly-designed street tires for 29er mountain bike are made for extreme road bike riding.

It’s designed with a bead-to-bead tread which provides optimum traction to offer the best performance on smooth roads and grainy rails alike.

It’s also encased in 60Tpi for improved strength and overall grip, while the sidewall is protected with rim-to-rim tread to keep this tire puncture-free no matter how rough the surface is that you’re riding on.

You’ll also find that these tires are designed for ease of assembly and offer a fast and smooth ride when you’re on asphalt.

  • Provides maximum traction for all road types
  • Comes with 60Tpi and bead-to-bead tread for maximum durability
  • Sidewalls are well protected with custom casing
  • Offers a smooth and fast ride
  • When inflated, these tires get really big, thus requiring more fork space

How to Pick the Best Road Tires for 29er Mountain Bike

During your search for the best road tires for a 29er mountain bike, you’re going to want to consider the following features in order to ensure that you find the best option for your needs:


You want to consider the type of road surface that you’re going to be taking your bike on because this will determine the type of tire that you should get. 29 inch mountain bike street tires come in tubular, clincher, and tubeless tire varieties.

As the name implies, the best tubeless 29er tires don’t come with any inner tubes but they can easily be sealed onto the rim to prevent any air leaks.

Trapping air in this way is what gives this type of tire its unique inflated shape. Although this type of tire offers a smooth ride overall, it’s not easy to install and it requires skilled hands.

Clincher tires are super easy to use and install. They feature detachable inner tubes that can effortlessly fold and unfold for convenient portability. However, its lightweight construction doesn’t save customers from its expensive price tag.

Last but not least, tubular tires have similar inner tubes to a clincher but without the attached tire ring. It’s also difficult to repair this type of tire once it has been punctured.


You also want to consider the size of your mountain bike tires as this will affect their performance on the road.

Your options range from 26 inches to 27.5 inches and 29 inches. The wider the tires are the better control and balance that they provide, especially when tackling bends or going at fast speeds.


Bike tires come in two textures and consistencies; soft and hard. There are pros and cons to each option, as soft tires offer a firm grip but without the added or long-lasting durability of hard tires.

On the other hand, long-lasting hard tires don’t offer the same solid and reliable grip on grainy or smooth roads. For best results, try to find 29er tires that offer the best of both worlds on both road and trail.

Puncture Proof

You also want to keep your tires protected while on the road because even though you don’t have to worry about gravel when riding your bike on the road, you may still take it on rocky terrain sometimes, so it helps to have some level of protection.

The best tubeless mountain bike tires 29er are often made from cotton or silk and come with long treads to ensure your safety as a rider.


Tires with a wider rim tend to be more reliable when riding on smooth or grainy surfaces.

They are also guaranteed to go with the tire while preventing them from spinning out of control when going at high speeds. It’s important to think about this when looking for the best road tires for 29er mountain bike.


A tire’s sidewall is basically the flat part between the bead and the ruffled top.

It is very close to the rim and is designed to keep the tire securely attached to the edge. A solid bead should be nice and floppy and flexible enough to enable the tire to fold easily. A tire bead is also there to prevent punctures while keeping the rim from succumbing to air pressure.

Why You Should Get Road Tires for 29er Mountain Bikes

The great thing about investing in a road tire for a mountain bike is that it allows you to ride your bike on asphalt and gravel with equal ease.

Here are other benefits that come with buying the best road tires for 29er mountain bikes.

Easy to Maneuver

Road tires also make it easier to maneuver your bike thanks to being less squishy and providing higher pressure.

It’s important to note that using the best 29 inch mountain bike tires to ride on asphalt can give rise to fatigue due to the increased friction and getting around bends requires a certain level of skill as it becomes doubly challenging.

Higher Rolling Speed

Big road tires offer less resistance which gives you an energy-conserving ride that is both fast and smooth. Not only that, but road tires are often thinner which results in less friction and contact with the road.


After a while with your mountain bike, you might consider getting road tires to replace old tires. It is actually beneficial to replace your mountain bike tires with road tires as this adds value to the bike and your overall riding experience.

But, you must ensure that you’re getting the best road tires for 29er mountain bikes and one such option is the Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire.

This tire ticks all the boxes of what you should look for because it offers a smooth ride on paved surfaces, it’s durably constructed yet affordably priced and like all things made by the Schwinn brand, it’s made to last and can fit different bicycle models.

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