5 Best Road Bikes Under $300 in 2022

Road bikes are a versatile form of transportation that you can use to go to work, commute to school, run errands, or just ride around the neighborhood or local beach for fun. But, if you’re not careful, you can easily end up paying through the nose for a new model. That’s why we’ve decided to help you find the best road bikes under $300 that are available out there.

Now, we know that reading this you probably don’t have a lot of time to be doing some of the legwork required to find a road bike at this price point or any price point for that matter!

Good Road Bikes Under 300 Dollars

The thing about buying a road bike is that there are many different kinds to choose from, including various designs and forms.

That’s why we commend you on determining your price point because this will make it that much easier to find a model that suits your needs, not just your budget.

Without further ado, here are our well-researched picks of the best road bikes under $300.

1. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike

Fixed speed bikes which are commonly referred to as fixies are some of the most popular types of road bikes thanks to how easy they are to use not to mention their speed on the road. Now, the 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Track Bike is a good example of what a fixie bike should be.

This is a fixed gear bike that works really well on paved city roads thanks to its tough 6061 double-butted alloy frame. Although durable, this bike is incredibly lightweight which must have something to do with the fact that its primary material is aluminum, one of the most versatile bike manufacturing materials on the market.

Other factors that set this bike apart from other models include its flip-flop hub which allows you to switch gears quickly and safely while on the road, as well as 30mm deep V double-wall alloy wheels with 700 x 25C Kenda tires.

  • It offers a smooth and safe ride
  • Comes with removable brakes
  • Made from durable yet lightweight materials
  • Features a minimalistic design
  • The seat could be more comfortable
  • You might have to adjust the narrow handlebars

2. Schwinn Volare 1400 700C Road Bike for Men

The Schwinn brand makes good road bikes under 300 and they don’t disappoint with this model – the Volare 1400. It comes with an aluminum frame, linear-pull brakes made from alloy, and quick release tires.

Taken together, these features translate to a smooth ride where you’re able to control the bike effortlessly without sacrificing speed or fun. Also included in this bike is a 14-speed Shimano shifter and oversized tires that add to its lightweight appeal.

This is a small price to pay considering how much value for money this bike offers. It’s made from the best components and comes with a limited warranty from one of the most reliable bike manufacturers in the world. All in all, it definitely deserves to be included in our list of the best road bikes under $300.

  • This bike is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Schwinn
  • It weighs a light 28 pounds
  • It’s built for speed
  • Features quick-release tires
  • Brakes might need some “breaking in” in order to work properly if you know what we mean
  • There aren’t a lot of sizes to choose from

3. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is an absolute joy! For starters, it comes 80% assembled for your convenience, and it can accommodate women of varying heights from 5 to 6 feet tall. It also comes in different colors and sports a stylish design that’s perfect for female cyclists.

Moreover, this Firmstrong model is a cruiser which means that it’s suitable for different types of terrain and isn’t too demanding. However, it’s a three-speed bike and has built-in Shimano components, so it’s a tough cookie on the road.

Simply put, cycling on this bike might as well be a walk in the park thanks to how easy it is to use. It’s perfect for long rides and it rides so smoothly you’ll forget that you’re pedaling at all after some time, and can enjoy all the scenery around you. Simply put, it’s the best beginner road bike under 300.

  • Comes with foam-grip fitted wide handlebars
  • The oversized seat is comfortable with dual springs
  • It has a stylish curvy steel frame with aluminum wheels
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • It’s 26 inches and perfect for female cyclists
  • It’s super easy to rude thanks to the coaster brakes and white-wall balloon tires
  • Made with rubber block pedals
  • It tends to rust rather quickly

4. Kent Gzr700 Road Bike

Also in our list of the best road bikes under $300 is the Kent GZR700. This bike comes with 21 different speeds for you to shift from, it’s made from high-tensile steel, and it has a high-tensile fork to go with the quality suspension offered.

This makes it ideal for use on rough terrain as it does a good job of absorbing shocks on the road on your behalf. It’s also rather lightweight considering it has a high weight limit of up to 250 pounds.

This might be thanks to its high-profile design and you must keep in mind that it comes with 36-hole spokes which allow you to switch between slow and fast speeds effortlessly and without losing momentum.

  • It comes with a padded seat
  • Features puncture-resistant 700C tires
  • Great Vitesse rims
  • Made with alloy caliper brakes
  • It allows you to switch between 21 different speeds
  • It’s on the heavier side

5. Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike

Next on our list of the best road bikes under $300, we have the snazzy Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike. Although it’s very cost-effective, this bike has a lot going for it.

Take its sleek black and white exterior, or the athletic top handlebar and curvy frame which is made from durable steel. Also of worthy mention is the bike’s fork construction and it’s surprisingly lightweight at just 31.5 pounds. It’s almost as light as an aluminum bike.

The EURXC550 also features Shimano A050 21-speed gear with Shimano TX-30 shifters which means that shifting gears will never be a headache on this bike. I mean, with 21 gears to shift from, you can rest assured that you can always keep it at a speed that you’re comfortable with no matter the situation, while the 160mm size aluminum dual disc brakes give you maximum control of the bike..

  • Made with versatile tires that you can use for different types of terrain
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • It has a premium quality and stylish frame design
  • Shifts gears smoothly
  • Some of the parts must be adjusted quite regularly
  • Wet weather might cause it to rust

How to Pick the Best Road Bikes Under $300

Another thing to consider when looking for road bikes under 300 dollars are the following tips:


There are different types of materials that manufacturers use to make road bikes and each one has its own pros and cons. For instance, aluminum frames are praised for their lightweight functionality but they are pricey and don’t oxidize as well as steel. Aluminum also doesn’t offer the best shock absorption but it’s great for humid conditions.

Next, you have carbon fiber, a material that’s also very pricey but is very good at absorbing vibrations on the road, making for a smooth ride overall. It also makes for a more lightweight bike that’s solid and made to last at the same time.


Road bikes are available in a variety of frames including:

Sport Geometry – This refers to a $300 road bike that allows you to sit upright and it usually offers more relaxed steering. As such, it’s perfect for part-time or beginner cyclists who won’t demand too much from the bike.

Performance Geometry – This type of bike is for the more advanced biker because it offers better aerodynamics and a longer form.

For all its merits, maintaining this posture can be difficult for beginners and they might find it hard to steer the bike as well, no matter how well made it is.

For commuters, the flat-bar road bike is the most recommended option because it makes it easier for the biker to maintain an upright position while cycling, and it has more sensitive steering compared to bikes in a similar bracket.


One of the most crucial things you should look for is a bike with a lightweight yet durable frame. This helps to ensure ease of pedaling as well as favorable traction and shock absorption qualities.

Now, bike frames come in a wide variety of styles and heights with the most popular ones being carbon fiber or composite front fork bikes, which are famous for their ability to handle different types of terrain with grace.

The best road bikes often come with large tires that allow you to go at fast speeds and curled or drop handlebars for comfortable use.


Road bikes for 300 are a great way to keep in shape and you can use them for the daily commute as well. Not only are they lightweight and fast on the road, but they’re also suitable for different types of terrain, especially those with much wider tires.

While you can’t use your road bike to carry your camping gear, it’s perfectly fine to use as a form of daily transport. You can still keep your laptop bag or backpack in it and you won’t feel the weight at all.


Wheels also play a role in the bike’s performance including its ability to carry momentum and accelerate at fast speeds.

The good news though is that a majority of the bikes you’ll purchase have built-in wheelsets while wider tires are often more recommended for anyone who plans on navigating through rough terrain with their road bike.


You’d be surprised at just how many road bikes come without pedals because this isn’t something that a consumer expects when buying a bike.

However, manufacturers do this because they expect bikers to have their own customized pedals, but this is only the case with experienced riders.

If your bike came without pedals, here are some options for you to choose from:

  • Platform bike pedals are very grippy and they come with shoe treads for your convenience. You’ll find that it’s super easy to shuffle your foot in and out of place with these pedals and they’re very safe on the road
  • Pedal toe clips and straps are designed to keep your feet on the bike pedal while you pull up and down. They even come with a cage to keep your toes strapped to the pedal.
  • Clipless bike pedals come with a clip that keeps your feet on the pedals in the same way that you’d clip them to skis or ski boots. They’re super flexible and easy to use and will come in handy in case of a crash because they’ll make it easier for you to get out of your bike. They also feature a handy 3-hole design for optimal weight distribution.


Another thing to look out for when shopping for the best road bike for 300 is the brakes. Typically, road bikes feature the following types of brakes:

Cantilever – These types of brakes are placed on the frame and they work through a mechanism that comprises a pull cable that’s connected to a straddle cable which is then linked to the two brake legs. These brakes are powerful yet lightweight and suitable for racing as well.

Caliper Brakes – These are the most popular types of brakes that are utilized for road bikes and they come with two arms posted on a central pivot mounting bolt.

Disc Brakes – These brakes are great for road bikes and commuter bikes alike. They consist of hub-mounted disc brakes and a brake caliper which is connected to the fork. This makes for excellent brakes in wet weather conditions and they’ll give you peace of mind knowing that you’re about to enjoy a safe ride.

V Brakes – V-brakes are known for being a feature on mountain bikes but they are also used for road bikes now. They’re typically placed onto the bike frame and allow you to bring the bike to a complete stop immediately.

Best Road Bike Brands

When we’re talking about the best road bikes under $300, the following brands tend to come up:


This is yet another company that’s well known for making affordable yet stylish and functional bikes. Their bikes often come in a lot of different colors and look great on the road.  


Founded in 2008, the Vilano brand is known for making budget-friendly bikes for beginners and seasoned bikers alike. They are very knowledgeable about the business and put a lot of thought into their bikes. You can rest assured that all of their bikes are vigorously tested for safety and performance before they’re delivered to you!

Critical Cycle

Critical Cycles is available to us courtesy of Retrospec, the same company that owns a slew of other bike companies. CC also specializes in making budget-friendly bikes and they’re passionate about providing eco-friendly transportation to the public.


With that, we’ve come to the end of our exploration of the best road bikes under $300.

The top option for us would be the 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike. It’s made to last from durable materials and is lightweight enough to afford you a comfy ride. It also comes with removable brakes that add to its minimalistic design, and it looks easy on the eye too!

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