5 Best Fixie Tires in 2022

A fixie bike is a single-speed bicycle with a fixed wheel. Most bikes come with a freewheel; it means when you stop pedaling, your tires keep spinning.

This feature allows freewheel bikes to coast. But fixie bikes aren’t like that. Having a fixed wheel means you have to pedal to keep your bike moving; if you stop pedaling, your bike stops moving.

In case you’re going to ride a fixed gear bike, you need to have strong, capable tires because the tires operate simultaneously with the pedals, so they undergo a lot of stress. If you want to enjoy your rides, you will need some of the best fixie tires on the market.

Best Fixie Bicycle Tires

We have reviewed some of the best fixie bicycle tires. They are all tested and suited for different purposes.

1. Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire

The Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire is speed-oriented. It’s designed for high-speed riding and has certain features and properties that make it suitable for riding at high speed. If you plan on racing with your fixie bike tires, you should take a look at this brand of tire.

It’s made with a PolyX breaker; this material is a very strong and tightly woven polyester. The fixed gear bike is the type of bicycle that exerts a lot of pressure on the tires, so you will need a tire with high density that can withstand a lot of fixie tire pressure. The PolyX breaker suits these requirements.

Apart from the ability to withstand great pressure, the tire is also resistant to puncture. When you’re enjoying your ride, a punctured tire will take out all the fun. But with this tire, you can ride without having to worry about punctures.

The tire doesn’t affect your bike’s speed as well; it’s modified to suit your speed requirements. That’s why it’s one of the best fixed gear tires you can buy. 

  • The tire is puncture resistant
  • Designed to have a high density
  • Equipped with a tread compound
  • Protected sidewalls
  • The tire is very suitable for high speeds
  • It’s not easy to install the tire

2. WTB ThickSlick Comp Tire

The WTB ThickSlick Comp Tire is one of the thickest fixie tires and rims on the market. The tire is at a low risk of getting its innertube damaged; it has a double rubber layer in the flat guard.

This tire is fit for rough, even paths. The thickness is a great advantage over its counterparts. If you plan on riding on uneven paths or off-road, these are the best tires for fixed gear.

The tires are smooth without any treading. This feature further makes it suitable for riding on an uneven road. The tire has a puncture-proof layer as well. The tire is made of a 60a DNA rubber compound; this material is very strong and can withstand a fixie bike’s high-pressure demands.

The double rubber layer of the tire also ensures that they last longer than other tires. If you buy this tire, you don’t need to worry about getting a replacement anytime soon.

  • The tire has a double rubber layer that ensures it lasts for a long time
  • It allows you to enjoy your ride better
  • The thickness greatly reduces the effect of uneven paths
  • The tire is strong and will last you a long time
  • Comes in two colors and is great for road bikes
  • It has small holes on it

3. Vittoria Zaffiro II Wire Tire

Most single speed bike tires are suitable for particular conditions and incapable of operating well in other conditions, but the Vittoria Zaffiro II Wire Tire is an exception.

One of the challenges fixed gear bike users face is facing to change tires when there’s a change in season. But with this tire, you don’t have to. It’s designed to give you the best rides irrespective of how the path is. Snowy, dusty, muddy, wet this tire will perform smoothly on it.

The grip of the tire on the road is amazing; it doesn’t slip on wet surfaces. If you want to ride your bike all year round without having to change your tires, then these are the best fixie tires for sale. The tire comes with an aramid 3D compound that gives it its weatherproof features. Also, the aramid compound reduces the heat effect on your tires.

The tire also comes with a 26-TPI casing; this casing gives low rolling resistance. This means that the tire doesn’t affect your bike’s speed and means you can pedal with ease.

  • It’s designed with a PRB material that is comfortable for cornering
  • The tire is heat resistant
  • It comes with a 3D Aramid compound
  • It’s easy to pedal with this tire
  • The resistance to rolling is low
  • It’s one of the most expensive fixie tires for sale

4. Panaracer Catalyst Sport Tire

The Panaracer Catalyst Sport Tire isn’t specifically a fixie tire, but it works just as fine.

The tire is suitable for race bikes, and it’s designed for that purpose. The tire allows you to ride your fixie as fast as you want without having to worry about damage.

It’s not designed to satisfy performance only, but they also have some nice designs. With this tire, you can ride in style and still enjoy your rides.

The tire isn’t as expensive as regular racing tires for fixie bikes, but it works just as fine.

  • Weighs just 320 grams
  • Allows you to ride comfortably on an uneven road and paved roads as well
  • It’s very durable, and it will last you a long time
  • Comes in many colors and sizes
  • It’s not well structured

5. Continental Ultra Sport II Road Clincher

The Continental Ultra Sport II Road Clincher is a multipurpose tire. The design of this tire makes it fit for both road bikes and fixie bikes.

If you have more than one bicycle, maybe a fixed gear and a road bike, you can get a set of these tires, and it will work perfectly well for both bikes. This versatility is one of the reasons why we consider it one of the top models.

The tire is designed with a 180 TPI casing, and it has a deep center tread. These features give the tire a solid road grip, and the casing combines tight silica-based treads that can withstand high pressure, making it suitable for fixies. The tire is very durable and light, and it has a very high performance.

This tire’s price is also the same as most fixie bikes, and it’s available in different fixie bike tire sizes. With this tire, you can ride conveniently on rough roads. The fixed gear bike tires make it easy for you to maneuver.

  • The tires are very durable
  • It’s designed with a deep center tread
  • Has a 180 TPI casing, with silica-based treads that make it strong
  • The tires make it easy for you to steer your bike
  • Quality control could have been better

How to Get the Best Fixie Tires

If you’re going to get the best fixie tires for skidding, there are some important things you need to know. The tires aren’t very common, so you have to be careful and pay attention to these points.


There are two types of tires: fixie bike tubes and ones without tubes (tubeless tires). The tubeless tire doesn’t have an inner tube. It can run at a lower pressure than the tube tires and is also less prone to flats. The tubeless tire offers low rolling resistance.

On the other hand, a tube tire has an inflatable inner tube. This makes it more comfortable to ride on bumpy roads, and it can handle your weight a bit better. But it’s prone to flats, and you have to check the air pressure in the tube regularly.


Ensure you inspect the tire compound before you buy your bicycle. The tire compound provides an extra layer of protection for the tires.


Riding a fixed gear bike with a fixed gear crankset involves a lot of energy both on your path and also on your tires for fixies. Unlike freewheel bikes, you have to keep pedaling to keep your bike moving.

So, before you get a fixie, you need to ask yourself if you’re ready for the physical exertion it requires. Also, the tires of your bike are a very important factor. Like I said before, you need to constantly apply pressure to keep your bicycle moving, so you need single speed tires that can withstand it.

If you get just any tires, you’ll find yourself constantly replacing your tires within short periods.


The type of grip of your tires depends greatly on the type of terrain you’re navigating. The grip of thick fixie tires is very important, given that it’s the main control of your bike. If the grip of your bicycle is too strong, it will affect your ability to pedal.

A strong grip adds to the difficulty in pedaling. But in situations where you have to navigate a wet terrain, you’ll need a tire with a strong grip so that your bike won’t slip.

How to Make Your Fixie Tires Last Longer

When it comes to tires and replacements, I prefer to use every bit of performance my tires have to offer before replacing them. You can use some small tricks to get all you can out of your tires before replacing them.

Alternate Foot Positions

When we skid, we tend to do it on the same foot as a thing of habit. Thus, a particular part of our tires wears out faster than the rest and eventually blows out. To avoid this, alternate the position of both your feet. That way, your tires will wear out evenly.

Rotate the Tires

If you rotate your tires, it will reduce the road’s effect on particular areas, but this will work for only a short time.


The fixie bike is a great choice of bikes if you have the experience to ride. It’s also important to have the best type of tire if you’re going to enjoy your ride.

Out of all the great tires we went through, the Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire is the best fixed gear tire. It’s exactly what a fixie tire should be and is worth every penny.

The tire is made with PolyX breaker, a very tough polyester material that has a high density and can withstand the pressure of a fixie bike.

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