8 Best Energy Gels for Cycling in 2022

Like any other physical exercise, cycling burns energy in the body. For this reason, certain food items or supplements are consumed to replenish energy lost while cycling. However, not all foods deliver the best result when it comes to energy-boosting. You need to get the best energy gels for cycling that can be consumed for the purpose of boosting energy levels and replenishing strength.

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Best Cycling Gels

Energy gels are easy to consume on the go. They come in convenient packs that can be carried with you even when cycling.

Some of the best energy gels for cycling include:

1. GU Energy Original Sports Nutrition Energy Gel

If you choose to go with this product, you’ll enjoy up to 10 different flavors. The gels can supply energy of about 100cal. Those who want to remain energized on lengthy bike rides would enjoy this product. The GU Energy Gel is made from fructose and maltodextrin.

In addition to its energy-boosting function, this gel has amino acid content. The amino acid content is beneficial to muscle health. It keeps you from being drained mentally and also curbs damage to muscles.

Based on manufacturer instructions, the effective way to consume this product is by taking a packet 5 minutes before the start of your cycling exercise. The product can also be consumed while cycling exercise at 45 minutes intervals.

  • The gels are quite delicious
  • Not only do they work for cycling, but also for a range of other sports
  • Gels are easily swallowed
  • Available in a range of unique flavors
  • None

2. Huma Chia Energy Gel

The Huma Chia Energy Gel is sold in different unique flavors. Within each 8 per pack unit, you can enjoy a wide range of flavors. The packet is also designed in an easily accessible manner. The various flavors found in a pack are raspberries, strawberries, lemonade, chocolate, mangoes, café mocha, apple and cinnamon, and blueberries.

Huma Chia Energy Gel replenishes the worked-out muscles. The packaging is compact and the gels can be easily accessed even while riding your bike. The manufacturers have put the best gels for cycling in a visually appealing package that comes at a pocket-friendly price.

For those who like their edibles to be plant-based, this product is for you. The gel is void of gluten and was fully implemented from plant-based extracts. Those whose bodies cannot handle lactose content would enjoy this product – it’s void of diary.

  • It doesn’t leave any taste on the tongue and combines fruit ingredients with complete amino acids
  • It has a 2:1 ratio of short and long-chained glucose to fructose for effective carb uptake
  • The well-processed chia seeds give a balanced distribution of energy in the body
  • Each serving delivers a safe 50mg caffeine content
  • The flavors are highly concentrated

3. Science in Sport Energy Gel

This product is aimed at replenishing lost energy during various exercises. The gel is sold in a pack of 20. It has an isotonic structure that allows the digestion of gels through simple muscle contraction. The muscle contraction, which eliminates the need for drinking water, facilitates the generation of reliable energy.

The gels contain up to 22g of carbohydrates that are absorbed rapidly into the blood for quick energy-boosting effects. The gel’s flavors include tutti frutti, mint, lemonade, salted strawberry, and vanilla.

One of the factors that makes this product among the best energy gels for biking is its budget-friendly price.

  • The gels are isotonic – they are easily digested through muscle contraction
  • Low sugar content per pack – below 1g per packet
  • The gels aren’t thick and sticky
  • SIS is the nutrition partner of choice for world champions and Olympians
  • It can cause stomach pain in some individuals

4. Gatorade Endurance Energy Gel

This is another great choice for cyclists. It’s a product designed based on factual data from real-world exercises and experiments.

The gel contains a balanced ration of carbohydrate – with 80-cal and 20g carbohydrates. Consuming this product is effective for lengthy bike rides without getting tired. Regarding the individual components that make up this product, there’s an effective amount of balance with it.

The gel is made up of organic flavors, brown rice, calcium citrate, xanthan gum, water, sugar, potassium citrate, and brown rice syrup. The organic flavors that this gel is found in are Blackberry, Vanilla, Mango, and Apple Pear.

  • The gels come in delicious flavors
  • There are up to 4 unique flavors
  • At an affordable price, each pack contains 21 gels
  • The carb content isn’t high enough
  • Some people may find it excessively sweet

5. PacificHealth Accel Gel Review

The makers of this gel have a good reputation for creating healthy products that benefit sportsmen. Their PacificHealth Accel Gel is one of the best cycling gels and the product’s aim is to immediately supply a great amount of energy to sportsmen once consumed.

Thanks to an innovative combination of carbohydrates with protein, the PacificHealth Accel gel is capable of an instant energy boost. The protein content has just about 25% makeup of the entire gel – the rest is carbohydrate content.

The gel boosts muscle strength after being engaged in rigorous sporting activity. The product should be consumed about five minutes before the start of your exercise routine. It can also be taken at 45-minute intervals while cycling.

  • Contains fully organic whey protein sourced from milk
  • The product doesn’t expire until after a whole year – feel free to purchase lots of it at a go
  • Filled with two amino acids for boosted performance and facilitated recovery
  • Poor packaging

6. Honey Stinger Classic Energy Gel

This is an energy gel product that doesn’t include lactose content, nuts, and soy.

The Honey Stinger brand is among the earliest manufacturers of energy bars. The company has been in the business for about 66 years now. The largest constituting substance in this gel is honey (95%). This energy gel is rich in B vitamins like B6 and B12. It also has a considerable amount of electrolytes.

For a single serving, you get 26g of carbs and 45mg sodium content. There are also various flavors to select from.

  • 110 calories are contained in each gel pack
  • 95% honey content with electrolytes and B vitamins
  • It’s scientifically proven to increase athletic performance
  • No soy, nut or dairy content
  • It may leak sometimes

7. CLIF BAR – SHOT Energy Gel

The CLIF BAR SHOT Energy Gel is another reliable product for boosting energy. You get up to 8 unique flavors when you buy the variety pack.

Those who want the best energy gels for cycling shouldn’t overlook this product. The gel’s packaging is visually appealing. The various delicious flavors are chocolate cherry, expresso, vanilla, citrus chocolate, strawberry, mocha, and razz. Apart from colorful packaging and abundant flavor variety, this product provides fast energy supply and also boosts stamina during various sporting exercises.

Most of the individual constituents which make up the gel are fully natural (90%). The CLIF BAR – SHOT Energy Gel also restores depleted electrolytes in the body.

  • Various caffeine contents are associated with each flavor
  • Quick supply of carbs for instantaneous energy refill
  • 90% of the ingredients are all-natural/organically sourced
  • Sodium and potassium content supply large amounts of energy
  • Some packets are filled with more than 100mg of caffeine

8. Carb Boom Energy Gel Review

The Carb Boom Energy Gel is a favorite for many cyclists. It has a significant amount of carbs. Regardless of its average package design, the gels are packed with enough energy-giving constituents. Compared to the gel’s 3g sugar content, there’s a higher 25g carbohydrate content. The product goes easy on the digestive system and delivers enough energy for rigorous and lengthy cycling activities.

In addition to all that, this product has fully organic fruit flavors that taste nice on the tongue and facilitate easy consumption of the product. The individual constituents found in this product are concentrate, fruit puree, sea salt, sodium benzoate, water, maltodextrin, potassium sorbate, and cinnamon.

Summarily, there are enough tasty flavors to choose from when you purchase this product. Feel free to choose whichever pleases you – apple cinnamon, strawberry kiwi, banana peach, raspberry, vanilla-orange or grape pomegranate.

  • The gel comes in 6 unique flavors
  • It has just 3g sugar content
  • It’s rich in carbohydrate – up to 25g carbohydrate content
  • The packaging isn’t so impressive
  • It’s quite expensive when compared to similar products

How to Buy the Best Energy Gels for Cycling

If you want to get the best biking gels, these are some of the things to look out for:


The purer the product, the better it is. The gels of your choice shouldn’t be packed with impure substances that can potentially damage your health.

Rather, pure constituents are the desirable feature of healthy gel products. The products that we have reviewed earlier in this writing are of good purity.


Nutrient level shouldn’t be overlooked when searching for reliable energy gels. The amount of nutrients found in the gels will determine how effective they will be when consumed.

Basically, energy gels are expected to boost physical strength and facilitate endurance during rigorous and lengthy cycling exercises without causing you to get a DUI. However, they should also be beneficial to health. Beware of gels made up of health-harming constituents or ingredients.


The taste of a gel product can also determine whether you’d like it or not.

Most people don’t want a gel product that leaves funny aftertastes after being swallowed. Instead, the gels should be made with tasty flavors that are pleasant to the tongue.


In addition to all these factors, easy usage is also a factor to be considered. Before making a final choice, ensure that the product about to be purchased is confirmed to have easy use so you can store it on your bicycle saddle bag for use during the ride.

Most energy gels have a common 15 minutes usage instruction – the gels are consumed 15 minutes before engaging in the biking exercise. The gels are also consumed at 45 minutes intervals during the exercise.


Is the energy gel brand trusted? This is a question you must ask yourself. Before you purchase any energy gel, make sure you check the brand.

The brand should be trusted and approved to deliver quality and safe products that you can take even when training at home on your CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro trainer. Not all brands are safe to consume, there are those that can have adverse effects on your health.

Side Effects

Before putting some energy gel into your body system, you need to be aware of its potential side effects. For instance, people who are lactose intolerant shouldn’t purchase gels with dairy content.

If you’re a vegan, you can choose a gel with plant-sourced ingredients. In the end what really matters is selecting a gel product that won’t have adverse side effects on you.


The feedback given by customers is very important, whether these feedbacks reflect a satisfactory result or unsatisfactory result. Collective reviews help us determine which products can actually be trusted to deliver the expected results.

The products that are present on our list have been selected with reference to real customer feedback. The results gotten from using these products and their possible side effects have been collectively used to draft our final list of reliable energy gels.


Before you can even purchase any product, you’d have to spend money. The best cycling energy gel is expected to deliver quality results that are worth the cost of purchase.

It won’t make sense to get a pricey energy gel that fails to deliver what it promises. The items on our list are affordable and budget-friendly.

How Do Cycling Energy Gels Work?

To generate energy for physical exercise, the human body burns certain substances. These substances include carbohydrates and fats.

Although there’s a significantly large amount of fat in the body, it takes quite a lot of time to convert it into reliable energy. This means that between carbohydrates and fats, the body wouldn’t select fat as an instantaneous source of energy.


From the selected items in our list, you can see that these energy gels come in different desirable flavors. The flavors make the gels more pleasing to the tongue and easier to swallow. The GU Energy Gels are the best energy gels for cycling because the gel comes in a wide range of 10 unique flavors.

These gels also provide as much as 100 calories of energy. Thanks to the presence of amino acids in this gel, your muscles get significant health benefits.

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