8 Best Commuter Bikes in 2022

Ever been stuck in traffic, while being inside a car or bus, and seeing the best commuter bikes navigate their way through the traffic? Didn’t you wish to be on that bike so bad? Well, you can make that possible by getting yourself one.

These bikes are known by a wide variety of names, but they all serve the function of getting you to and from without much hassle.

Commuter Bicycle Reviews

What is the best commuter bike? Many people recognize the benefits of owning and using a comfortable commuter bike. Hence, it’s common to see a lot of them exploiting these benefits/advantages on a daily basis. Maybe you’ve also decided to join these commuter bikers.

Read through for reviews on the best commuting bikes available on the markets and you can scroll down to the bottom to get a list of key attributes found in them.

1. Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike

In the world of bicycle manufacturers, Schwinn is one of the biggest names you’ll find. They manufacture a wide variety of bikes: just name it, and you’ll definitely find one of their products (from commuter bikes to mountain bicycles, even road bicycles are not left out).

A big advantage of the Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike for commuting is that you don’t have to worry about your bicycle getting stolen. Just fold it in half and take it along with you. Isn’t that a brilliant idea? Even with its foldable frame, the bike can still comfortably transport 6-foot tall riders.

You don’t have to worry about getting your clothes dirty or losing your valuables while riding as there are fender guards at the front and back of the bike as well as a storage compartment. Its 29x29x19 size is very comfortable for anyone to fold and carry.

  • This is a brand you can trust
  • The folding mechanism functions properly
  • It’s suitable for riders of all heights.
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • The bike seat tends to discomfort the user at times

2. unYOUsual U Transformer City Bike

This is a folding bike that has its design optimized for commuting. Just like most folding bikes, it has a featherweight frame and it has a very comfortable carriage and control. Its alloy frame and Shimano gears give it a very durable structure.

It can switch through six gears, which makes pedaling easier. It’s more comfortable than the single gear bikes, and it’s simpler than the twenty-one gear bikes. It has adjustable seats and handlebars which make it adapt to riders of different weights.

It has a storage compartment installed at the back where you can keep valuables (if in use, you should definitely watch your rear occasionally). However, when folded, there’s nothing to hold the halves with. The tires are rugged and don’t get flattened easily. It also comes with a strong frame made of steel, as well as reflectors that help your bicycle stay visible at night.

  • Has a total of six Shimano-manufactured gears
  • Movable seats and handlebars
  • Reflectors to keep you safe at home
  • The screwing of the pedals can be tedious

3. Schwinn Adapt Folding Bike

This Schwinn commuter bicycle is made in series and is specifically targeted at people who need commuter bikes or a bike that can be ridden in the city.

Its frame is made from lightweight alloy and the 20” wheels are also made from the same material. The bike comes in a folded package from the manufacturers. All these attributes contribute to the bicycle’s lightweight design. It makes it quite mobile to take with you anywhere and to store away also.

It can switch through 9 gears and is equipped with Shimano twist shifters and Shimano Tourney to make the changing between the gears extremely easy. Its fenders are full wrap and its sides have reflective linings which help to enhance the visibility of the bike at night during unfavorable weather.

  • The bike has a featherweight structure whose foldable mechanism is easy to use
  • Easy assembly after delivery
  • Available in many colors and styles
  • Rigid suspension
  • Its top speed isn’t that high and is even slightly slower than full-size bikes

4. Eurobike Road Bike EURXC550

Just as the name implies, Eurobike designed this to be a road bike. However, it still functions just fine as a commuter bike if used as such. Most times, the actual commuter bicycles fail to live up to expectations and if you live in a place with a lot of road defects – the C550 is the perfect choice.

It had a total of 21 gears which is actually excellent for any kind of riding situation. It also has an optimal brake system that adapts to abrupt stops. Its featherweight frame makes it easy to carry and control. The bike gets delivered to your doorstep in great condition, as many customers have attested to this fact. It doesn’t come fully ready for use but it’s packed at a stage where it can be easily assembled.

The factory-made bicycle seats can be a little tedious to use, so it’s advisable for you to buy a spare seat and change it. It’s one of the best affordable commuter bikes.

  • Comes with a whopping 21 gears
  • Optimal brake system
  • Budget price
  • Seats can be a little tedious
  • Not designed as a commuting bike

5. Hiland Road Hybrid Bike

Hiland designed this bike as a hybrid of a road bike and commuter bike which can be used in urban areas. It comes with a lot of eye-catching features which makes it a pretty sweet bike to ride. Its standout feature is its possession of a whopping 24 gears.

Following in the footsteps of commuter bicycles, its frame is manufactured from an aluminum alloy frame. This is an important factor when choosing a commuter bike to purchase. Another attribute to consider is the bike’s weight.

According to a commuter bike review, with the price tag, it is one of the best urban commuter bikes on this list. The bike works seamlessly and comes with all the essential features needed in a bike. However, its main downside is the unreliability of a particular area of its design which tends to break down easily.

There are also issues with the brake pads coming in contact with the wheel. This hinders the movement of the bike and also makes a screeching noise that’s very discomforting.

  • It has a featherweight shape and economic price
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Available in 4 colors
  • 85% pre-assembled
  • Problem with the brake pad touching the wheels and will require an extra cost to fix

6. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

If you need a top mountain bike brand to buy from, then Schwinn is your go-to plug. This strong aluminum bike from the stables of Schwinn is manufactured with a durable suspension fork that keeps you comfortable, irrespective of how rough the road is.

It has a massive 24 gears for your utilization and there are levers made from mechanical discs that control the brakes to give you total control over the bike. The bicycle gives the complete cycling experience with the extra-wide alloy rims.

  • The dual suspension frame is made from Schwinn aluminum
  • The fire trigger shifters are made from 24 speed Shimano EZ
  • It has double-walled rims with an extra-wide diameter
  • The alloy cranks are made from Schwinn durable materials
  • Substandard quality

7. PXQ Folding Electric Bike

This folding electric bike made by PXQ is one of the most technologically progressive bikes for daily commute available for sale presently, and its price tag reflects that fact.

Its electric setup comes with a lithium-ion battery, and a single charge can last for a riding distance of 50km.

It’s made from a super-durable alloy frame and is manufactured for rugged situations. It also has a shifter and a brake system that provides remarkable comfort through its rims.

  • It comes with a 250W durable motor and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 48V and 7.8A
  • The double-walled rims are made from aluminum alloy
  • The front and rear brakes are made from mechanical discs
  • It has a smart meter with 3 speeds illuminated with LCD lights
  • None

8. SAVA HERD 6.0 T800 Road Bicycle

As the French would say, this SAVA road bike is the crème de la crème of bikes. Just steal one glance at the bike and you become enchanted with its stunning looks. The bicycle is a real head-turner when you ride it in the streets.

It’s made from Toray T800 carbon fiber and the same featherweight alloy is used to make the seat post, fork, handlebar, and wheelset. The weight of this alloy is so light that the total weight of the bike is 8.3kg which makes it one of the lightest commuter bikes.

The bike is with a reel of Shimano 105 gear set with a range of 22 total speeds available. The workmanship on the bike is of exquisite quality and this makes the use of the bike so easy and the energy expended in its use is so minimal.

  • The bike is very pleasing to the eye
  • The construction and engineering of this bike is top-notch
  • The assembling of the bike is very hassle-free and has a DIY layout
  • Noisy freewheel

How to Choose the Best Commuter Bikes

What differentiates a commuter bike from a road bike? The differences are mostly in the shape and design of the bike. The seats of the best bicycles for commuting are generally wider in shape and are comfier compared to the tiny seats used in racing bikes.

Now, let’s go through the factors that determine a road bike and you can determine which suits you best.


Commuting bikes have a wide variety of gears but the main categories are the multiple gear and single-gear bikes. Multiple gears give you the opportunity to change speeds at turns, junctions, or when going up and down hills.

Meanwhile, single-gear bikes have only one speed and this limits your riding experience at times. However, it’s more suitable for people not used to the gear shifting on its own.


The occasion will determine how fast you want the bike to go. If you just need a bike to enjoy the scenery, then you can go on at just an average speed. But if you need something to get you to work as quickly as possible, you’ll need a bike faster than normal.


Your daily route will determine the type of bike that suits your needs. If you pass through the city, then your tires’ quality might not be a pressing issue. However, if you pass through rough terrain, you need broad tires with a good grip.


Getting a means of transport like a bicycle is a significant decision and two important factors to consider include the durability and lightness of the bike’s materials.

If you need the bike for a long period of time, you should know that models made from cheap materials won’t cut it. The general equipment is aluminum or steel and this is a major reason for the lightweight.

Another group of materials to be considered includes the bike tires and gear system. Gears made from cheap materials will get stuck due to rust.


If you’re a commuter, the rate at which you use your bike is most likely high. Due to that, you’ll need a bike that will give you the highest level of comfort.

If constant use of your bike ends up leaving you in pains all over your body, you’ll most likely lose interest in cycling.

When checking out bicycles, it must be those with soft seats, high handlebars, RockShox suspension forks, and pedals with an excellent grip. You could buy the best commuter bike and still feel a lot of discomforts using it.


The portability of a bike matters a lot when trying to purchase a new bike. In this case, if you don’t have a safe place to keep the bike, you should buy a foldable bike that you can simply carry into your house or up a flight of stairs without hassle..


Definitely, you wouldn’t want to break the bank over a bicycle, but you surely need to consider the rigors of your daily journeys before calculating the budget you intend to spend.

Getting a cheap bike for exerting journeys will end in you spending more money.

Types of Commuter Bicycles

Listed below are the various types of good commuter bikes available for you:

Single Speed

These bikes only have a single gear and they cannot move at really fast speeds. They were mainly designed for rough terrains but have become a popular commute bike nowadays.

Popularly called fixies, they have a stylish design stemming from their lack of gears. However, they can be a little tedious to push along on commute roads

Overall, they can be regarded as the best commuter bike for women.


They weren’t originally made as top rated city bikes but their durability has made them popular among city dwellers. They are also called cyclocross bikes and they have a mix of speed, durability, and agility.


These bikes have mixed attributes of both road and mountain bikes. Their seats and handlebars are placed in high positions like those of mountain bikes. They are meant for use on routes that have a mix of good and bad deeds.


This type of bike is made for those who have to take other means of transport like subways and trains or buses in their commute.

The best commuter bicycles that are foldable fold up to a pretty small size and their featherweight components make them even lighter.

How to Maintain Your Commuter Bike

You should treat your bike like a pet and pets shouldn’t be left unkempt or they get sick. The same applies to your bicycle as a lot of dirt will start wearing out the components.

The things you need to give the bike a full scrub include elbow grease, degrease, old toothbrush, soapy water, and a sponge.

Also, make sure your tires have the right level of pressure. Standing track pumps are the most suitable for the task but hand or mini pumps are the best for emergencies. Your brake pads are another component you must check.

If your brakes are loose or worn, that could cause unwanted accidents. The best way to prevent that is to regularly inspect and clean the wheels and brake pads. If they are loose, you can use either an Allen key or the barrel adjuster to tighten them.


Clearly, commuter bicycles have a lot of advantages. If they weren’t so useful, many people wouldn’t be riding them daily. There are different brands available on the market, each at its own individual price.

If you’re still lost for choice and would like a professional opinion of which of these bikes is the best commuter bike, then we would recommend the Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike.

The bike is made by a trustworthy brand which means quality is guaranteed. Also, it is foldable which means it can be moved around easily and it can support riders of different weights.

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