8 Best BMX Bikes Under 300 in 2022

Bike riding is a fun pastime that humans have been enjoying for hundreds of years. It can be enjoyed by young and old and it doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, heavy-set or thin, you can use your bike to commute to work or school or just to exercise and enjoy yourself. However, one of the reasons why cycling isn’t as widely adopted as it could be is because most people assume that all bikes are expensive. But, as you’ll soon see in our review of the best BMX bikes under 300, this isn’t necessarily the case.

We’re going to compare good cheap BMX bikes under $300 based on the best, budget-friendly releases of this year. We’re also going to share some of the most important features and considerations that you need to make in order to make an informed purchase decision. Keep reading for more.

Good BMX Bikes Under 300 Dollars

Without further ado, here are the best BMX bicycles under 300 based on thorough research and testing. We made sure to test a wide variety of options to bring you this comprehensive list and we can’t wait to share our findings with you!

1. Elite 20” & 16″ BMX Bicycle

Elite BMX Co. is all about that cycling culture. If you check their social media accounts, you’ll instantly notice that they go out of their way to generate interest in biking, promoting the various merits of owning their bikes through awesome photos and videos.

This particular model is perfect for exploring mountain trails, dirt biking, and park riding. That’s because it’s designed to handle different conditions and you can even use it to perform stunts and improve your bike riding skills.

The great thing about this bike is that it comes with assembled pegs so you don’t have to figure out where to find pegs when you need to assemble it.

Not only does it deliver in spades when it comes to performance, but this bike is beautifully designed with eye-catching welds and blemished paint that adds a rustic, vintage, and stylish vibe.

  • Super easy to assemble
  • Comes with a set of pegs
  • Beautifully designed
  • Features additional angular raised tread section
  • Available in different colors
  • Amateur looking welds

2. Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX Bike Line

The Mongoose Legion L20 freestyle BMX bike is one of the best BMX bikes under 300 dollars and to prove it, I haven’t been able to stop riding it ever since we started exploring different bicycles for this guide.

There are a lot of great features that set this bike apart and then there’s the fact that its manufacturer has been honing their skills for over 40 years, so you know you’re getting a quality product.

Not only does this bike already come with amazing features, but Mongoose makes it a point to release an updated version of it each year, featuring new and improved additions to keep up with the latest tech trends and developments.

This bike is a dream to handle and it’s super comfortable too. However, it’s built to handle difficult terrain and you’ll find that it makes it possible for you to push your limits on the road and progressively improve as you get used to it.

  • It offers great value for money
  • Perfect for amateurs
  • Comes with a free coaster rear hub
  • Suitable for a Gyro installation
  • Super easy to assemble
  • It’s heavy
  • There are no pegs

3. Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike

The Razor Nebula BMX is one of the best BMX bikes under 300 for freestyle biking enthusiasts.

It’s available in a variety of different colors, from red to white and black, making it the ideal bike for kids who are just starting out and want something that makes them look cool.

Both the frame and the fork on this bike are constructed from tungsten inert gas welded steel, one of the most durable bike manufacturing materials around. Sure, this makes it feel heavier than usual, but it’s still suitable for young riders.

For safety, this bike comes fitted with hand brakes that are easy to use, on the front and back of the frame, making for a fun yet safe ride.

  • Great customer service
  • It’s durable and well made
  • Looks really cool and its aesthetic is perfect for kids
  • Super easy to install
  • Bunny hops could prove lethal for the fragile back brake
  • Low seat mount might be uncomfortable for some riders

4. Mongoose Legion L16 Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion is another incredible BMX bike from the Mongoose brand, which is no surprise considering that this company makes the best BMX bicycles under 300.

This particular line of BMX bikes is much-loved and comes with raving reviews from satisfied customers who absolutely love the way it performs on the road.

It’s made from lightweight materials, including hardy plastic handles designed to facilitate an easy grip, and you can use this bike for all types of different applications, from dirty jumping racing, flatland racing, and street park riding.

It also features 20-inch wheels with tubes that measure 16 inches, reliable rear-U brakes that are easy to use even for children, and a complimentary 25/11T drivetrain to boost. All of this, including the front-facing 360-degree detangles, is available at an affordable price point for your convenience.

  • Suitable for noobs and seasoned riders alike
  • Easy to assemble within 30 minutes
  • Comes with reliable gears and rear-U-Brake as well as a stable frame
  • Perfect for jumping and extreme bike riding applications
  • The plastic pedal is super easy for kids to use
  • Unfortunately, this bike doesn’t have any pegs and this can be frustrating
  • The brake system doesn’t come with any rotating hub

5. Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Cruiser BMX Bike

The Schwinn Sting Pro comes from another well-known bike manufacturer and is considered to be one of the best BMX bicycles under 300 by pro bikers.

It comes with such great features as a classic BMX handlebar, a sting top tube pad, laid-back seat post, and a single-speed drivetrain to perfectly compliment the rear caliper brake for ease of use.

We also like the bike’s vintage aesthetic which is reflected in how the components are designed, as well as the unique paint color and decals.

  • Laidback seat offers incredible support
  • Suitable for riders of different heights
  • Enables super-fast acceleration thanks to the tubular crankset
  • Comes with lightweight aluminum rims
  • The customer service is not great

6. Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20 inch BMX Bike Justice

When it comes to BMX bikes for sale under 300, this Mafiabikes model is where it’s at.

Although it only weighs 26 pounds, it comes with incredible features that make it a top contender, including double-wall alloy rims to keep the bike safe as you perform tall jumps and single wall front rim as well as 20-inch wheels.

Thanks to the U- brake system, you can rest assured that this bike will come to a stop whenever you want it to, and your ability to control it is made even easier by the soft anti-scuff pads.

Thanks to these and other features, this bike offers a smooth ride and it handles like a dream. However, it’s sturdy enough to perform intermediate tricks and it’s the perfect bike to build your skills with.

  • Super easy to assemble so no special equipment required
  • Comes with a double-wall rear rim
  • Features U-brake with tapered fork legs and 2.4-inch crawler street tires
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Made with high-quality specs
  • Features pedals with unsealed parts

7. Sullivan Mini BMX Stunt Bike

The Ambush Mini BMX comes with an alloy sealed bearing hub on the back, high-tensile steel, and a contemporary gunmetal grey finish.

The 3-inch-wide tires make for a comfortable ride along with the fixed saddle.

Other notable features on this bike include 10-inch wheels and 25T-9T micro gearing to complement the 10″ x 28 handlebars for effortless control.

The wheels are covered with the company’s unique design and both the chain guard and brakes are covered by a generous two-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Comes with a chain guard
  • Beautifully designed
  • Features unique wheels
  • Suitable for kids of different age groups
  • Super easy to carry
  • Doesn’t offer value for money

8. Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike

Next, we have the Mongoose Title bike. Its frame is constructed from hydroformed and butted aluminum, it weighs just 3.44 pounds and comes with a 21.77-inch internal cable routing through the tube.

This is in addition to a solid wheelset with ARISUN XLR8 24″ tires that sit on aluminum double-wall rims, as well as a hollow axle measuring 10mm which all come at a super affordable price tag.

Other features worth mentioning on this bike include its 42T aluminum chainring which makes up the 175mm 2-piece 24mm hollow spindle alloy cranks drivetrain.

To ensure maximum safety, this bike comes with two different kinds of brakes, both of which are powerful and reliable. Bringing together the Chromoly fork and handlebars is the 500mm stem to ensure solid performance and smooth control.

  • Easy to control the speed thanks to the aluminum brake
  • Comes with double-wall rims to tackle difficult terrain
  • Constructed from professional grade materials
  • Made for high-performance control
  • Its components are all made from durable materials
  • It’s not that well-made

How to Get the Best BMX Bikes Under 300

Keep reading to explore what the best BMX for under 300 have to offer in terms of features to look out for to ensure that you get more bang for your buck.


Size matters when it comes to $300 BMX bikes because it plays a role in how comfortable the bicycle is.

Luckily, you won’t have to guess how large your bike is as every manufacturer publishes a size chart of all their models online as well as on the packaging itself.

To determine the best bike size for your needs, measure your height and then use it to find a bike that matches your needs.


It’s important to ensure that your bike is made from stable and durable materials that will ensure longevity.

Most BMX bikes are made from tough materials such as Chromoly, steel, and aluminum, with steel being the cheapest of the three.

High tensile steel is considered to be the better option when it comes to steel, while aluminum offers the best of both worlds in terms of weight and durability.

However, Chromoly is considered to be the best material to fashion BMX bikes out of because of how durable it is, but the only issue is that it’s really heavy.


BMX bikes for commuting aren’t necessarily built for racing so you shouldn’t expect them to be that fast.

But, they’re built solid to help you maximize your performance on different surfaces and perform all kinds of different tricks.

BMX bike tires are also typically bigger than normal and have a conveniently smooth grip that allows you to maintain optimal control.


You also want to consider your weight as well as that of the bike, especially if you plan on doing stunts and races.

As mentioned, the most common materials that are utilized to make bikes include aluminum, steel alloy, and steel. Aluminum is the most lightweight of all these materials, making it easy for you to play tricks, jump, and other stunts.

It can also handle different types of difficult terrain while Chromoly components can add considerable weight to the bike.


BMX biking is a young man’s sport, which is why they’re often manufactured and marketed towards youngsters.

Part of what determines a BMX bike’s suitability is the wheel size, with the most optimal measurement being 20 to 24 inches for youngsters.

It’s also important to ensure that your bike wheels have a lower spoke count and have a narrow profile for smooth acceleration and comfortable traction on rough surfaces.

Really Cool BMX Bikes vs. Regular Bikes

If you look at BMX bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes at face value you’ll probably miss the differences that make them different from one another.

They’re all made from basic components with the main difference being in how those components are expressed. One of these bikes comes with large wheels, the other is built for speed while the other one is made for kids.

As you may have guessed, BMX bikes fall under the latter categories, because they’re built to handle smaller riders and can be utilized to perform all types of tricks from bunny hops to turning around spinning, and even “flying”, if you know what we mean.

BMX stands for bicycle motocross so it makes sense why this bike is so ideal for performing tricks and stunts. But, if you like, you can also take it for a spin around the neighborhood and use it to enjoy leisurely rides.

Because they’re so lightweight, BMX bikes are easy for kids to control so parents can rest assured knowing that their little ones will be able to safely perform as many stunts as they like without losing control.

On the other hand, mountain bikes come with features that emphasize control and stability on difficult terrain. That’s why they’re built for taller users with thin tires and flat handlebars, while road bikes are made for speed and ride smoothly on pavements and tarred roads.

When it comes to braking systems, BMX bikes are typically fitted with rear brakes as they are reliable enough to stop at a moment’s notice whether you’re dirt jumping or street racing. Road bikes, on the other hand, use speed control, while mountain bikes are controlled through hydraulic fluid.


Well, there you have it! That’s our selection of the best BMX bikes under 300, and coming out on top is the Elite 20” & 16” BMX Bicycle.

It’s beautifully designed, easy to assemble and handle, suitable for dirt jumping, performing tricks, and riding through rough terrain.

It also comes with a set of pegs for your convenience and even comes with an extra angular raised tread section for easy assembly and solid performance.

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