8 Best Bike Trunk Bag Reviews in 2022

When you’re taking your bike on a ride, there are many different accessories that you can utilize so as to be comfortable. One major challenge that you may face when you’re cycling is securely storing your belongings. For instance, if you’re a student, you probably have some books and writing materials that you’d want to carry along while riding to school.

This means that you’ll need a neat and compact way of keeping all these items together. That is why we have taken some time to review the best bike trunk bag. There are different brands that offer you unique storage capabilities.

These bicycle bags and racks are usually mounted in different ways, depending on the design. Summarily, nice bike trunks would be a great addition to your biking accessories.

Best Bike Rack Trunk Bag

This buying guide provides you with detailed bicycle trunk bag reviews so you can make use of it as a shopping guideline.

Here are some of the most reliable bike trunk bags on the market:

1. Topeak MTX Trunk Bag

The next item is the Topeak MTX Trunk Bag which has a nice design. There’s also enough room to neatly keep your stuff.

If you’re not a fan of complex setup processes, this bag is a good choice for you. Installing it on your bike is a fast and straightforward process; detaching is also simple.

This product securely stores its contents with the aid of zippers and water-shielding features. It’s a bag that you can trust to keep your stuff dry when there’s a heavy downpour outside.

In conclusion, this bag is budget-friendly; it offers great quality at a very fair price.

  • It’s a strong bag with a neat structure
  • Simple clip design for quick release
  • It’s an attractive product
  • Quality bag handle
  • Zipper pull came off/broke on first pull

2. Ibera Trunk Bag

We couldn’t do this review without mentioning the Ibera Trunk Bag. This is a product that’s truly worth the mention. The bag has an elegant and attractive look. It also comes with customizable features.

It’s designed in such a way that it can be fixed to the bike within the shortest possible time. The setup process is easy and straightforward.

There’s enough room inside the bag to hold a large number of personal items. There are also various storage compartments on the exterior sides of the bag. You can carry the bag on you after climbing off the bike.

The Ibera Bike Bags and Racks are wonderful products that deserve to be added to your shopping list. Its bottom side has a certain level of resistance to water, thanks to the carbon-patterned ABS design.

  • It’s manufactured to satisfy high standards
  • Designed with a reliable reflective fabric
  • The long-lasting zippers give additional security
  • Great quality at a fair price
  • Sturdy bag structure
  • Customer service should be better

3. ROCKBROS Trunk Bag

The best bicycle trunk bags are a nice addition to your cycling equipment. However, you must make sure that the brand you’re going for is one that’s worth your money.

That is why we’d like to recommend the ROCKBROS Trunk Bag. It’s a top-notch product that’s designed to adequately hold your belongings while biking. There’s sufficient room to compactly keep different items. It’s also made with a strong and long-lasting material.

This product isn’t heavy, and carrying it about isn’t stressful. For those who care much for aesthetics, this bag offers an elegant look. The bag also makes it easier for other cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians to sight you when you’re riding at night – thanks to reflective and tail-light straps.

The bag is designed in such a way that it can be used with any type of bike. So, it won’t matter what cycling activity you’re into, this bag is versatile enough to adequately serve you.

  • This bag has a really light weight
  • Compartment for refillable bottles
  • Easily detached
  • Portable design
  • Adequately shields your contents from rainfall
  • Velcro strap isn’t long enough

4. SAVADECK Bike Rack Trunks

The SAVADECK Rear Bike Rack Bag is manufactured to meet high standards, and will be a great addition to your shopping list.

Made with a long-lasting material that easily withstands damage, the interior space of this product is adequately shielded from destructive impact, thanks to the quality padding design.

It’s important for other commuters to easily sight you at night; hence this SAVADECK bag has reflective stripes, and a light attachment feature, for easy visibility in the dark.

Setting up the bag is simple, and it can be conveniently carried across the body whenever you’re getting off your bike.

  • It’s a versatile product
  • Long-lasting nylon and waterproof design
  • Quality padding with sufficient storage space
  • Reflective stripes for high visibility
  • Simple and straightforward setup
  • Not big enough

5. Ibera 2 in 1 Bicycle Giant Trunk Bag

This Ibera bag is a product that has been manufactured with quality materials. It’s long-lasting and also has enough room to hold a significant amount of your things.

With a carbon-designed ABS base and quality padding, you’ll enjoy using this trunk bag. The bag also makes it easier for other cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians to sight you when you’re riding at night.

Also, you don’t always have to attach the bag to your bike’s trunk; you can strap it across your body. There are also enough holding compartments, with plenty room for your personal belongings.

There are also a couple of adjustable compartments that can be widened to make extra space for some equipment.

  • Smart quick release/clip-on feature
  • Sturdy bottom and well-padded structure
  • Highly visible reflective trim
  • Ready-made foldaway panniers
  • Works well for weekend bike touring
  • Problems with fitting the frame

6. Roswheel Trunk Bag

When searching for the best bike rack trunk bag, look out for the Roswheel Essential Series. The bag has a long-lasting design and a sturdy structure for quality storage.

This bag has sufficient room for keeping a good number of your personal belongings. It does well for regular urban commuting, and it also works well for other long-distance biking activities.

This quality trunk bag for back of bike is manufactured with a light-weight material that makes it great for stress-free biking – you don’t have to be bothered about heavy weights slowing you down. There’s also a 12-month warranty that has you covered in the event of manufacturing errors.

This product lasts long, and remains strong after prolonged use, thanks to the 300D polyester and PU leather materials used to make it.

  • The bag isn’t heavy
  • There’s enough room to keep your belongings
  • Can be used for various purposes
  • Equipped with tool-less fitting option
  • It’s manufactured to high standards
  • Has some weak plastic parts

7. COTEetCI Bike Rack Bag

If you’re looking for something strong and reliable, you should consider getting this bag.

It’s made from a quality fabric (600D polyester material) that lasts long and doesn’t get damaged easily. The fabric also shields against wetness and moisture. Also, you can strap it across your body – thanks to Velcro straps and buckles.

There’s sufficient holding space for neatly keeping all your necessary belongings. You can confidently keep your laptop inside this secure COTEetCI Bike Rack Bag.

The bag also makes it easier for other cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians to sight you when you’re riding at night with the help of the reflective tapes.

  • Quality and durable 600D polyester material
  • Equipped with top handle
  • It can be easily carried on the shoulder or held by its handle
  • There’s sufficient storage space
  • 4 long-lasting Velcro strap design
  • Low-quality zipper

8. Bushwhacker Mesa Trunk Bag

This unit has enough storage room for your belongings. It’s also manufactured to satisfy high standards.

Durability is a key feature that any reliable product should have. Thanks to the 600-denier polyester material used in making this bag, you can be sure of enjoying it for a long period of time – you won’t have to keep buying new trunk bags.

There are times when you may find yourself riding after the sun has gone down. At times like this, it’s important that motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists can easily spot you. For this reason, the Bushwhacker Mesa Trunk Bag is designed with a backlight clip attachment and reflective trim.

Installing the bag on your bike is an easy process that can be done within the shortest time. There are two pairs of Velcro attachment ends.

  • Manufacturer warranty included
  • Great quality at a fair price
  • Setting up the bag is an easy process
  • Highly visible reflective strips
  • The fabric used to make it is strong and durable
  • The straps can’t be easily adjusted

How to Get the Best Bicycle Trunk Bag

When searching for the best trunk bag, you’ll be presented with many tempting options. However, you must be aware of the important features that make a trunk bag reliable.

Here are the things to look out for:


The first thing is the bag’s size and storage capacity. You should always have it in mind that you’ll need a bag size that can conveniently hold all your important items and accessories.

It’s also advisable to buy a messenger bag that’s slightly bigger than what you think you need – this is to prepare you for when you might have extra items to pack.


The best rear bike bag carrier should be able to shield your belongings from water. There might be days when you get caught outside in a heavy downpour.

During such days, you must be able to rely on your bag to protect your items from the wetness.


The number of multiple functions is another key feature that you should look out for. The more things you can do with the bag, the better it is.

A great trunk bag should be able to hold your belongings safely and should be usable with any bicycle. So you might need a biking backpack if you use your bike to go shopping for groceries. It should also come with additional handles, Velcro straps, and shoulder straps for hanging across the shoulder, or holding in the hands.

Waterproof Bike Trunk Bag vs Bike Pannier Bag

Bike trunk bags vs bike pannier bags is a common debate. You should know that both are great items, but they also have their individual disadvantages.

For instance, bike panniers usually provide you with lots of holding capacity, but they are heavier and less portable than bike trunk bags.

If you don’t want a heavy weight bag slowing you down, it’s better to ditch the panniers for bike pouches or even trunk bags. Panniers can be quite stressful when it comes to installation and detachment – unlike the bike trunk bags that have quick-release features for fast detachment. Their bulky structure also reduces cycling convenience.

The choice you make between a pannier and a trunk bag is all dependent on your storage needs and weight capacity requirements. Bulkier loads require a pannier, while light-weight items go perfectly well with bike trunk bags.


With all the information provided in this review of the best bike bags for rear rack, you should be able to make the perfect purchase. However, among all the products, the Topeak MTX Trunk Bag makes our top choice.

The bag has an elegant and attractive look. It also comes with customizable features, and it’s designed in such a way that it can be fixed to the female commuter bike within the shortest possible time.

There’s enough room inside the bag to hold a large number of personal items. There are also various storage compartments on the exterior sides of the bag.

Do you like having your trunk bag with you when riding your bike? What is your favorite model? Let us know in the comments down below please!

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