Best Bike Speedometer in 2022

A bicycle speedometer is a unique device that’s designed to show you how fast your bicycle is going. It’s a similar device to what’s used in other vehicles such as a car or a truck. But, speedometers aren’t all made equal, and that’s why we’re bringing you this list to find the best bike speedometer wireless on the market.

Keep in mind that there’s more to speedometers than meets the eye. A lot of them have the best bicycle odometer functions which are designed to let you know how far you’ve traveled so that you can keep track of your performance now and over time.

Best Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Reviews

As promised, here’s a list of the best road bike speedometers that money can buy, followed by a short buying guide with tips on how to choose the best product for your individual needs.

Enjoy and happy shopping!

1. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer 

The Elemnt Bolt is a speedometer from Wahoo which is designed to be a simple and elegant cycling computer. It’s made with the user in mind and features an aerodynamic design that’s way more streamlined compared to previous models.

It also comes with Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, and the ability to pair with the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt app as well as other devices. The best part is that you can use this device to display all of the information collected on your smartphone and setup is quick, taking just two minutes or less.

In addition, this speedometer is backed by a 60-day trial which means you’re allowed to try it out for 60 to decide whether or not it’s right for you.

  • Has an aerodynamic front end
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Gives accurate progress status
  • LED notifications
  • Waterproof
  • No touchscreen

2. ICOCOPRO Bike Computer with Solar Energy

The ICOCOPRO is one of the most unique and well-made bike computers out there, as it comes with a solar-powered base that allows you to go for hours without worrying about battery life.

The screen size is massive, making it easy to make out important details when you need to and it’s also easy to use, which is great. This solar-powered dynamo also offers other great features like daylight backdrop illumination, auto reset, and other features that make it easy for you to estimate information.

Not only that, but it’s available at a very affordable price considering all of what you’re getting. This is what makes it the best wireless bike speedometer, especially for beginners. You can easily use this on your daily commute because of how easy it is to use. Just beware of the sensor which has been shown to not work properly in certain bicycle speedometer reviews.

  • Comes with 22 built-in functions to show riding time, speed, and distance
  • Wireless and waterproof design
  • Solar-powered
  • Built-in batteries
  • Auto sleep function
  • LCD display
  • It can be difficult to figure out how it works at first

3. CatEye Micro Wireless Cyclocomputer

The CatEye Micro Wireless Cyclocomputer is a well-known speedometer device with fantastic features like 12 highlights and 10 capabilities. The highlights are designed to provide LED backdrop lighting and they act as the best bike odometer. For convenience, this speedometer enables you to mount the simple-to-use section on the bike’s stem and handlebar. It also comes with a wide sensor mount that you can easily attach to an off-road bike fork.

You’ll see different details on this cyclo-computer, such as your time, miles completed, max speed, as well as excursion separations. It’s worth noting that it shows two unique details that include a 24-hour clock as a 12-hour clock in a pace bolt. Both the sensor and the PC operate on CR2032 batteries.

The best part is that this bike PC shows all of these details in a manner that’s easy to see, even in low-light conditions, thanks to the LED backdrop illumination. This is a reliable, durable, and accurate PC and one of the best mountain bike speedometers available right now.

  • Comes with a programmable odometer and LED backlight
  • Shows average, current and maximum speed
  • The bracket mounts are simply designed and easy to use
  • Comes with 12 features and ten functions
  • Suffers from wireless interference

4. Wahoo RPM Cycling Speed Sensor

If bike speedometer reviews are anything to go by, this is the best bicycle odometer speedometer for multiple applications. It’s designed to record, catch, and record all vital cycling data which is then sent to your preferred preparation stage.

It also comes with built-in Bluetooth, PPM sensors which can be paired with a Polar gadget, Carmin, tablet, or a cell phone. It’s also compatible with over 50 cell phone applications such as the Wahoo Fitness app as well as Peloton.

Another benefit of using this gadget is the fact that it’s super lightweight, weighing only 7 grams, and it has a simple and unpretentious design. You don’t have to worry about complicated wires or magnets which often leads to a difficult setup.

  • Compatible with over 50 smartphone apps such as Wahoo fitness
  • You can use the Wahoo Fitness app to record workout data
  • Comes with ANT+ and Bluetooth integration
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install and use
  • We know this is nitpicky, but it’s not compatible with Zwift

5. Garmin Edge 25 Cycling GPS

Garmin is famous for making some of the best GPS devices in the world. Their Edge 25 is one of the best road bike speedometers for bicycles on the market, with a lightweight and portable design.

It comes with a lot of great features such as the ability to share real-time location information wirelessly with your loved ones no matter where you are.

It’s worth noting that the Edge 25 is also compatible with Garmin Connect which means you can organize ride stats and download courses that you can follow offline. With dimensions of 24 x 42 x 17mm and a weight of just 25g the Edge 25 is very easy to carry.

  • Comes with GLONASS and dual GPS connectivity
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Made by a reputable company
  • Helps you get the most out of your training
  • The screen size is rather small

6. SY Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer Reviews

​Next, we have the SY model which doubles as the best cycling speedometer for bike and an odometer. It has a similar design to the SOON GO and it’s packed with features like the ability to record and collate cycling time, distance, speed, and other performance factors.

All of this is displayed on the LCD screen which comes with an automatic backlight that comes on whenever it gets dark. This is in addition to built-in sensors that pick up on vibrations from your bike so that the main computer can start taking stats based on movement.

The SY is super easy to install, similar to the SOON GO. All you need is to install the wireless sensor and computer unit which typically have a distance of 68cm between them. It shouldn’t be further than that ideally.

  • Comes with wake-up sensors that come on when the bike starts moving
  • Automatic LCD brightness which comes on in response to external light conditions
  • Easy to follow installation instructions
  • Extremely versatile
  • It’s imperative that you get the proximity right between the magnet and the sensor in order to measure speed and distance accurately

7. DINOKA Bike Speedometer

Now we have the 007KK, which has been called by some bicycle speedometer reviews as the best bike speedometer.

It’s a speedometer and odometer in one with an auto switch on and sleep mode which comes on automatically. Within 5 minutes of being idle, the computer goes into sleep mode. It’s also waterproof and resistant to the elements.

The installation instructions are quite straightforward so it shouldn’t take longer than 40 minutes to install it. The most important thing to know is the distance that separates the sensor and the main computer. It shouldn’t go over 60cm so as to enable accurate information capture and logging.

  • Comes with a clear and straightforward instruction manual
  • Features automatic turn on and shut down
  • Waterproof and rugged
  • LCD digital display
  • Multi-functions
  • Laggy buttons
  • The screen backlight could use some improvement

8. XOSS G+ GPS Cycling Computer

The XOSS G+ GPS Cycling Computer comes with rhythm observing pulse trackers and a gauge for your safety and convenience. This is in addition to a massive 1.8-inch LCD screen which makes it super easy for you to view information regardless of the lighting or weather conditions, thanks to programmed backdrop illumination.

This cycling computer also enables you to transfer the record and follow up to 15 different types of data at the same time. and it has a battery life of up to 25 hours. This is in addition to its waterproof construction and high IPX7 bicycle odometer ratings, which means it’s a super durable machine that can take you from the road to the track effortlessly.

It’s also easy to mount this because it comes with a standard mount that includes a quad-satellite framework which makes it one of the most durable machines available for you out there.

  • Comes with in-built GPS with four satellite positional systems
  • 25-hour battery life
  • Automatic backlight
  • 1.8-inch LCD display
  • 15 types of data recording
  • The GPS antenna is weak

How to Pick the Best Bike Speedometer

What is the best bicycle speedometer? According to bike odometer reviews, the answer to this question depends on your needs and preferences of course.

Here are some of the most important features to consider when looking for the best bike speedometer.


A decent speedometer should be able to track and display different types of data at the same time. You have to configure them though in order to ensure that they’re based on your personal needs. Personalization options can be limited depending on the model too.

Most display screens operate in two modes, namely touchscreen and buttons. Button units look like normal stopwatches and can take a learning curve to use properly, as each button represents a particular function that you need to get accustomed to.

Alternatively, opt for a touchscreen interface that can have a single scroll or a one-touch function interface. These models are by design, similar to smartphones because they work in a similar manner.


Next, consider what’s powering the speedometer because it’ll affect both the aesthetics and practicality of use. Wireless is the most practical of all power sources because it’s convenient and easier to use.

With that said, there’s no denying the security that comes with a wired speedometer, although it’s untidy. Wired devices on the other side, are usually affordable and don’t require you to use a sensor battery.

You can just mount it and start cycling. But, after some time, you’ll need to replace them, whereas wired models are limited to only sending and receiving information.

To get better features such as the ability to track and analyze performance, then you want a speedometer that has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity or you can use a Garmin sports watch.


Since you’re going to be using your speedometer outside, you might as well make sure that it’s made from weather-resistant and durable components.

Make sure that it’s resistant to elements like snow, rain, and wind. According to the best wireless speedometers for bikes reviews, they are water-resistant which covers most of the durability needs that you have.


When it comes to setup, there aren’t a lot of nuances between the different speedometer models on the market.

Realistically speaking, there are only so many places on your bike which you can use to mount your speedometer. The point is to ensure that you’re able to get a clear view of the screen.

The front and center of your handlebars should be the obvious choice. But, you can mount it either on the right or left of your field of vision using a bracket that allows you to do so.


We really covered all of the main features and considerations that you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best bike speedometer, and we hope that this guide has been helpful in that regard.

To top it off, we’re willing to recommend a top option to make your life even easier, and that’s the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer.

This great speedometer is a versatile bike computer that allows you to collate and analyze data and it comes with built-in Bluetooth so that you can pair it with your phone or a similar device and view it in real-time.

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