8 Best Bike Bells in 2022

As a biker, there are a couple of accessories that you must be constantly equipped with when riding your bike with one of them being the best bike bells.

Bicycle bells are used for alerting other bikers, motorists, and pedestrians of your presence on the road. Because of how important these are, we have focused this article on the best bell for road bike and we’ll go through some of the models available.

There are different tempting brands of bells to choose from, but you need to pick one that can function well at all times. Keep reading for more details.

Best Bicycle Bells

To help you make an easy selection of reliable bells, we have in-depth bicycle bells reviews below.

1. Hornit dB140 Bike Horn

The first item in our review of the best bike bells is the Hornit dB140 Bike Horn. It’s a wonderful product that works efficiently when riding your bike.

As the name implies, this best road bike bell can produce up to 140dB of sound. In fact, it’s the loudest among all other bicycle bells.

Setting up the bell on your bike’s handlebars is a fast and simple process. Accessing the bike’s trigger apparatus is also easy, as it extends lengthily over the handlebars. The bell is equipped with batteries that can power its loud ringing function for up to a year.

Additionally, the Hornit Bike Horn has an adjustable feature that allows you to select varying levels of loudness. In summary, if you’re looking for the best bicycle bells, you shouldn’t overlook this one.

  • Fast and simple setup process
  • Equipped with a rubberized trigger that effectively covers bike handlebars
  • Adjustable sounds with quiet park mode
  • Comes with a pair of AAA batteries that can last up to a year
  • A bit expensive

2. BONMIXC Bike Bell

The BONMIXC Bike Bell is one of the best bicycle bells we have on the market. It has an attractive design and reliable capabilities. Apart from its good looks, it’s also minimalistic in nature and doesn’t take up much space.

Unlike some of the rival products that are sold in a varying range of sizes, this one comes in a single size. However, it’s constructed in such a way that it fits securely on various handlebars that have radiuses between 10.5 to 11.5mm. The bell is effectively able to alert those around you – thanks to the blaring ringer that it’s equipped with.

Additionally, you get to pick from a pair of available hues. Whether you go for the gold-colored one or the silver-colored one, you’ll still enjoy a simple and quick installation process.

Summarily, the BONMIXC Loudest Bike Bell is an excellent product that’s made available to you at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Compactly designed product with an attractive look
  • Clear sounding ringer
  • Simple and quick installation process
  • Made available at a pocket-friendly rate
  • There might be trouble fitting it on some handlebars

3. MOFAST Bike Bell

This MOFAST Bike Bell is another wonderful design that deserves a place among our top bike bell selections.

It’s a vibrant accessory that works excellently for children’s use. You can be guaranteed of a long-lasting design that’s also extremely light-weight – thanks to the strong aluminum material used in its fabrication.

Accessing the bell’s ringer is also quite simple; as the ringer has a big frame. Since it’s best suited for children, the fragile plastic mount is still practicable for durability.

In addition to all that, this product is sold at a budget-friendly price. Setting it up is also a quick and straightforward process. One disadvantage with this bell is that it’s only made for right-hand use.

  • Fabricated from a sturdy light-weight aluminum material
  • Quick and simple installation process
  • Vibrant unit with a clear and distinct sound
  • Comes in about two dozen unique styles
  • It’s well suited for children
  • It has a weak construction

4. REKATA Aluminum Bike Bell

If you’re looking for a bike bell that won’t give you any trouble, you should consider this product. It has a vibrant coating and a simple design.

Fitting the best MTB bell on your bike’s handlebar is a simple and straightforward process – you only need to be equipped with a screwdriver. Engaging the bell’s ringer, while riding, is also easy; as it’s structured for easy access. This bike bell is very suitable for bikers of all ages.

If you care much about looks and aesthetics, the REKATA Aluminum Bike Bell is a great option for you – it’s made available in a wide range of unique hues and designs.

Thanks to the sturdy aluminum material used to fabricate it, this bell is long-lasting and light-weight.

  • Simple and straightforward setup process
  • Suits every age bracket
  • Loud distinctive sound
  • Made from long-lasting aluminum
  • It’s available in a wide range of unique colors
  • It isn’t worth the cost

5. Crane Bell Suzu Loudest Bicycle Bell

This one is a quality product that has been manufactured to satisfy high standards. Also, it’s made available at a budget-friendly price.

The bell has an elegant design, and it’s available in both silver and polished silver coatings. The bike bell has a portable structure and a width of 55mm that enables it to conveniently match different handlebars.

The bell also makes an alerting sound that’s loud and clear enough to be heard by others at certain proximity from your bike.

Summarily, this is a product that offers you with awesome quality for a very fair price. It deserves to be added to your list of bike accessories.

  • Crafted from quality Aluminum material
  • It has an effective 55mm width
  • Features a steel band mount design
  • The clamp has radiuses of 11.1mm and 12.7mm
  • It’s installed by means of a double hole support
  • None

6. Mirrycle Incredibell Brass Duet Bell

The Mirrycle Bell is made available to bikers at a pocket-friendly price.

Regardless of its low cost of purchase, this unit is still an effective loud bike bell with average long-lasting features.

With a distinct sound, the bell is able to alert other commuters at fair proximity to you. Fixing the bell to your handlebars is a simple and straightforward process. Unlike the MOFAST Bike Bell, this one works for both right-hand and left-hand use.

Lastly, this Mirrycle Bicycle Bell gives off a double ding sound. The sounds are the resulting effects of a pull and release action on the bell’s lever.

  • It has a 25.4mm that matches several handlebars
  • Features an effective trigger-pull lever for double ding sound
  • Equipped with a solid brass dome
  • The brass dome has a radius of 16.5mm
  • Careful of counterfeit products

7. KNOG Oi Bike Bell

Next up is the KNOG Oi bike bell. When compared to most other rival products on the market, this one has a more unique design.

The bell is designed in a contemporary way that minimizes the stress of installation and maximizes ringing efficiency.

This product has a compact structure that wraps around handlebars easily. Its portable size ensures that it won’t get in your way when riding your bike.

When you’re outside with your bike, you can easily alert other bikers, motorists, and pedestrians of your presence – thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum used in the fabrication of its distinctive ringer.

  • The ringer is fabricated from an aircraft-grade
  • Simple and straightforward installation on different handlebars
  • Comes in a vast range of sizes
  • Designed with a cable management system
  • Distinctive ringer sound
  • Functions poorly as a bell

8. Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bell

This review of the best bells would be incomplete without mentioning the Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell. The manufacturers fashioned it to look both contemporary and antique.

This finely crafted modern bike bell is made available in almost a dozen unique hues – if you’d like a wide variety of options to pick from, this is your best match.

Thanks to its ingenious blend of designs and vast color options, almost any biker can find a Firmstrong bike bell that meets their preference.

The Firmstrong Bell has a compact and portable structure that fits well on many handlebars. In addition to that, the bell makes a fun sound when the ringer is engaged. In summary, this is an excellent product that you should take into consideration.

  • It’s available in a wide range of unique hues
  • Contemporary design blended with an antique look
  • Sold at a fair price
  • Good quality bell
  • It could have been made a little bigger

How to Find the Best Bike Bells

If you want to get the best removable bike bells or any other bells, you shouldn’t overlook the following factors:


The main reason for having a bike bell is to warn other commuters on cheap commuter bikes of your presence and proximity. However, a gold bike bell that’s incapable of producing loud warning sounds is useless.

Different products have different decibel ratings – pick one that has a significantly high dB rating. There are also bells that have adjustable sound levels.


Before settling for any bicycle bell, you must take its construction material into consideration. The material used to make the bell will determine how loud it can ring and its durability. Some bells are pure metal, while others are fabricated from a blend of metal and plastic material.

Common metals used to make the best cycle bells include steel, aluminum, iron, and copper. Metallic bells are sturdy and long-lasting; they also produce nice distinctive sounds.


A bike bell’s craftsmanship is also a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. The combination of materials used in fabricating the bell and the structural design will determine how effective it is – don’t be deceived by high prices.

There are low-cost unique bike bells that perform even better than expensive ones. This is because those bells have been crafted excellently. The ease of installation is also affected by the crafting of the bell.


The bell’s design must also be considered before making a final purchase. There are different unique designs of bells that are all targeted at providing you with optimal efficiency.

However, you need to choose a design that’s comfortable for you and has a ringer that’s easy to reach/access.

Based on your bike’s physical profile and individual preference, you can pick from a vast amount of unique colors that are available.


Lastly, the way the best bike bell for road bike looks also matters. People who care much about variety, attractiveness, and aesthetics would want a bell with great style.

The outward appearance of the bike bell is also influenced by the nature of the materials used to make it – whether it’s a pure metal or a blend of metal and plastic.

There are also various available hues to pick from; color choice is based on the physical appearance of your bike, and also personal preference.

Types of Bells

As you search for a reliable bike bell that fits your bicycle properly similar to a U lock, you’ll be presented with a vast number of brands and styles.

There are different bell types that are installed through various means. Each of these bells is also equipped with a ringer that shouldn’t be difficult to access. Some bells are right-hand oriented, while others are left-handed.

Here are some of the common bells:

Modern Classic

These ones have a contemporary design with ringers that function based on gear rotation in a coil-type casing. They usually have distinct electric sounds.


Just as the name implies, this type works based on percussion principles and makes a distinctive human-like sound when air is squeezed through a tiny orifice. Its ringer is shaped like a rubberized handle.  


These ones make a double ding sound that comes as an effect of a pull and release action of the lever.

Electric Bells

Lastly, we have the electric bells and horns that would go very well with your Schwinn hybrid bike. They are battery-powered and produce an electronically induced sound.

Top Bike Bell Brands

Here are the top brands available in the market at the moment:


Knog is a reputable manufacturer in the bike bell business. This company was established about 18 years ago, and they’ve delivered exceptional quality ever since. The company is based in Australia.


The Crane Bell brand is a force to be reckoned with. This Japan-based establishment has supplied bikers with quality beach cruiser bells for about two decades now.

The company manufactures its bells to meet and satisfy high standards. A lot of the Crane cool bike bells are fabricated from aluminum, copper, and brass.


Sportout is another wonderful manufacturer that cannot be ignored. Compared to the two previous companies, this one is a more recent establishment – it came to be about 4 years ago. It’s a China-based company that provides bikers with excellent bells and lots more.

Why Do You Need a Bike Bell?

There are different bike bell models, which are tailored to match various bikes. For instance, someone who’s into MTB would want to purchase the best mountain bike bells. However, regardless of the biking activity you’re into, bells are important.

The main purpose of using these bells is to alert other commuters – motorists, fellow bikers, pedestrians, and etcetera – of your presence and proximity.

Having a loud distinctive bike bell will make your biking experience even better and more effective and you also need a bike alarm to protect your bicycle. There are times when you need to quickly warn people to get out of the way – it would be a shame if you didn’t have a bell to loudly ring out your warning message.


With all the information provided in these bicycle bell reviews, purchasing a quality bell should be easy. However, among all the products reviewed so far, the Hornit dB140 Bike Horn is the best.

As its name implies, this bike bell can produce sound of up to 140dB. Setting up the bell on your bike’s handlebars is a fast and simple process.

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